Harry Styles festeggiato al museo delle cere di Madame Tussauds

Cinquanta fortunati fans di Harry Styles hanno avuto l’opportunità di farsi immortalare con la statua di cera nuova di zecca del loro idolo esposta ieri sera al museo Madame Tussauds di Londra. La statua è vestita con un outfit ispirato a quello che Styles indossava alla première del film “My Policeman” nel 2022. Nlazer verde cacciatore a doppiopetto, una grande […]

la super “baita” di Musk sorgerà in Alto Adige?

Il camino, anzi tanti camini, la forma che ricorda il guscio di una tartaruga, una piscina a sfioro, in vetro, con vista panoramica sulle Alpi. Ma anche una camera criogenica a -100°, spa, sauna, sala fitness per gli allenamenti nelle arti marziali (Zuckerberg aspetta), domotica ovunque. E 15 bagni. Una villa da sogno in Trentino Alto Adige. Per pochi, ovviamente. […]

the “mission” by Roberto Bolle

From the future of dance to the future of the planet: Roberto Bolle’s “Mission”. Dance The first date of Roberto Bolle and Friends, with which our étoile brings together the stars of world dance, makes its debut tonight at the Baths of Caracalla in Rome. A journey into beauty, but also an appeal against the closure of dance bodies 07/11/2023 […]

Understanding Football Betting: Types of Bets

conradatkinson | Football Betting and Betforward (بت فوروارد) betting Site is a popular pastime for sports enthusiasts worldwide. This article will introduce various types of football bets and how they work. Match Result Bets (1X2) Arguably the most straightforward kind of football bet, the 1X2 bet, involves betting on the final result of the match. Here’s a simple breakdown: Bet Meaning 1 Home Team Win X Draw 2 […]

In the theater also in summer at the La Spezia Festival

A month full of shows to attract audiences to the theater even in summer. The fourth edition of the festival will take place from July 15th to August 17th, transforming Piazza Europa, the largest in the city, between the sea and the historic center, into an open-air theater where darkness gives way to light and silence music and prose. Due […]

We will sing this jingle in a new version

Who doesn’t remember the tune (called a jingle in commercials) used to celebrate a special star among “millions of millions”? This star, distinctive and unique among the rest, has been with us since the days of black and white, and we’ve all hummed this jingle, as children and adults alike. “There are many stars…”. This sentence sounds today in a […]