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of Massimiliano Nerozzi

The national team defender explains the decision: «The covered bus did not dissuade the fans, so we reiterated the request, which was then shared by the institutions. It is simplistic and very Italian to unload the blame ”

As per profession, Leonardo Bonucci defends the Azzurri (and himself): “The authorities agreed to use the open bus, saying they would be able to handle the situation.” And he attacks, as from those who scored in the final of the Europeans: “To each his task and his role, it is really simplistic and very Italian to unload the blame”. That was the feeling, his and other players, at the words of the prefect of Rome, Matteo Piantedosi, on Courier service: that is, Bonucci and Chiellini would have put pressure on the order service for the use of the convertible bus, then used to greet the thousands of fans who poured into the center of Rome (here the reconstruction of the facts according to a source inside the company that owns the bus, ed).

Bonucci’s version

In short, the defender puts his face and words into it, as he often does, even in enemy arenas, even before the Football Association puts down its position in writing, as follows: “Upon arrival in front of Palazzo Chigi, it was considered that the situation was no longer manageable in since the covered bus had not dissuaded the fans from encircling the delegation in every way, we still reiterated the request, at this point shared by the institutions ».

The position of the national team


Bonucci pointed out the position of Italy, in the sense of a team, as we have seen in the images, and now he explains: “The entire delegation asked for the uncovered bus and since the covered one, regardless it had been blocked by the crowd already in the street and would have been limited in the passage to follow, the authorities agreed”. As he supervises the entrances to the area, on the lawn, others have to do the same between streets and squares: “We would never, ever allow ourselves to take the place of the competent authorities, which I imagine have made their due assessments, sooner than what happened in Piazza del Popolo the night before, and then with our passage into the city ». Moral: we, players, could not give an ok that belongs to others.

The debate within the team

After that, chat and debate on the coach, eon the show, there was also within the team: so much so that others reflected on the same choice to go to Rome, imagining what would happen. But you couldn’t say no, despite the fact that the return to Coverciano had already been planned: “The return to Rome was only expected after receiving welcome invitations from the head of state and the president of the Council of Ministers”, recalls Gabriele Gravina, president of the FIGC, in a note also supported by some players, including Chiellini, the captain. And in which the FIGC claims its correctness – “always been responsible, but above all respectful of the Italian institutions and fans” – and dampens the controversy, thanking “the representatives of the police, who accompanied the national team with a great spirit of service and commendable professionalism ».

The crowd in Rome and the gatherings

But that is not to blame, in the face of an already unmanageable situation: “On the way to reach Piazza Colonna, the covered bus carrying the team was repeatedly slowed down, then blocked and literally overwhelmed by people’s affection by now very numerous, who in any case did not already wear personal protective equipment (so-called “masks”) ». At that point, with or without a roof, little would have changed.

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