chainsaw man is another breakthrough shounen manga from Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, and its success means the eventual anime adaptation is only a matter of “when” rather than “if.” MAPPA – their success is in full swing Attack on Titan, Jiu Jitsu Kai Immortaland the underestimated dorohedoro— is at the helm of the upcoming anime, but the manga already has a sequel planned for the digital magazine Shonen Jump+.

The comic series has been praised for its unabashedly over-the-top gore action while tackling a truly heartbreaking coming-of-age story in the midst of all the chaos. The cast of many of the characters have their compelling backstories and motivations, keeping fans emotionally invested throughout.

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Himeno on the cover of Chainsaw Man Volume 1.  3

Although she doesn’t live as long as most chainsaw manThe villainous story, Himeno still cements herself as a character who is compassionate and funny, not worthy of emotional investment. She’s Aki’s best friend and squad member, and after seeing her sidekick die, her years of work as a demon hunter grow tired of her.

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Himeno then went on to develop a deeper relationship with Aki to love him. Their relationship has grown so deep that she has been privately trying to find a way to convince Aki to quit the agency for his own sake. Things get even more heartbreaking when Himeno dies at the hands of the katana demon in order to protect him. Aki doesn’t fully realize their feelings until after she leaves, and becomes a tragic driving force for the rest of his character.


Open the cover of Chainsaw Man vol.  2

Thrones is easily a fan-favorite character. Similar to Denji, Power is a character with a deeply troubled upbringing and a connection to demons in some way. In this case, however, she is a demon – a demon who takes over human corpses. Power has a similarly bombastic personality, though arguably more difficult to deal with in a group.

After her initial betrayal, Power becomes even more relevant as it reveals that Power is manipulated by the devil for a chance to save her only friend. She loudly declares her disdain for humans, but gradually develops a crush on Denji and the rest of her demon hunter team, and feels like she’s found the right family, somewhere between comedic relief/bombing and heartfelt character drama strike a balance. There’s been a lot of good anime characters out there so far, and Power’s popularity is set to soar later this year.


Chainsaw Man's Protagonist Biography and Pochita's Art

While Shonen manga and anime are known for their tendency to get bogged down in some tedious tropes, Denji feels like a breath of fresh air. Although not as intelligent as Dr. Stone, he is arguably one of the most authentic teenage protagonists in comics. While his initial simple and superficial motives are tiresome, beneath it all is a kind kid who longs to belong somewhere and see what it means to be truly loved.

The first few chapters quickly lay the groundwork, showing that beneath a teenage boy’s forgotten goal is a man who finally wants to get out of his life the health that everyone craves. Denji never wanted to pursue a higher goal because he was orphaned at such a young age and plunged into the savage life of organized crime. This has him desperately accepting things and finding happiness in the cruel life imposed on him, with only his demon’s best friend Pochita by his side. He has opened his eyes to a higher purpose throughout his life journey, whether it be true romance or life aspirations in general.


Pochita perches on Denji in the Chainsaw Man comics.

Pochita is a recurring but also in the background character, as he is primarily shown as part of Denji’s chainsaw demon form. That being said, he was just as important to Denji’s character growth and the catalyst for some of the most tear-jerking moments in the series.

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Pochita has been with him since he was forced to live in filthy conditions, and in a last-ditch effort to combine his body with him to make him a human/demon hybrid. The episode where Pochita appears in front of Denji is used for maximum emotional impact, forever proving that the cute and smart puppy demon is a guaranteed positive constant in the latter’s life.


Shore Split Image of Chainsaw Man and Chainsaw Man and Power

Squad Mentor is another teenage stereotype that runs through, but like Aki, Shore is a fun and creative twist on that archetype. He is portrayed as a mild hero/anti-hero, as Kishi is generally relaxed – if indifferent to the situation around him.However, once the plot conflict around Makima and the global demon hunter intensified, he was highlighted as one of the most devious characters chainsaw man.

He takes on the role of “teacher” for Denji and Power in the ensuing battle, amusingly putting them through the “burn at the stake” by hunting them down every day until they improve. In addition to being a key figure in solving the horrific mysteries surrounding Makima, his character and backstory are also captivatingly mysterious.


Aki on the cover of Chainsaw Man vol.  4

Aki usually falls into the archetype that others like Sasuke fit in, but the former’s character is written to be funnier and more compassionate, similar to Jiu Jitsu Kai Immortal Avoid getting caught up in certain metaphors. It’s a deconstruction of this archetype, as Aki’s revenge-driven backstory makes it very clear to readers that it’s actively deteriorating him, and doesn’t drag it down into hundreds of chapters.

He was initially hostile to Denji, especially when he was initially assigned to Aki’s team by Makima, but he was more resonant. Unlike other characters who fit the stereotype, Aki’s writing isn’t a bad attempt to write him as “morally gray” or overly brooding.


Makima and Denji make art for the Chainsaw Man

Makima is a compelling teenage manga/anime villain who will also help make chainsaw man Anime is one of the most anticipated anime of 2022. She’s a formidable being with a mysterious ulterior motive, and once the pieces of that mystery come together, what eventually culminates is one of the media’s most terrifyingly brutal villains.

Makima becomes the physical manifestation of an abusive and manipulative relationship as she acts as the ruling demon to make everyone around her a pawn because she knows they can’t resist. She sees people as pets that can be used as entertainment for Makima. Her fears and manipulations make it more satisfying for Denji to learn to think for herself and to value herself.

Spring Creek

Quanxi in the Color Chainsaw Man panel.

she appeared later chainsaw man, but Quan Xi claims to be a force to be reckoned with. Quan Xi is a world-renowned private witcher from China. Once the story got more confusing, she joined the circle because she was recruited by the Chinese government to Japan to capture the chainsaw demon.

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Another tragic character in the manga, Quan Hee is a brooding, stoic, and promising world-class figure in battle, and she’s brutally entangled in a big battle with Makima, an impressive Examples of how supporting roles can be interesting in their own right.


Reze on the cover of Chainsaw Man vol.  6

Reze’s brief but influential role began in Denji’s life when he believed his “relationship” with Makima was getting worse. As it turns out, it seems convenient because Reze spends some time connecting with Denji before finding out that she’s a bomb demon and a Russian assassin. Her goal is to kill Denji and stop Makima’s endgame, becoming another person with dangerous intentions in Denji’s life.

However, Denji does help reveal what’s more real in Reze. After their time together, he pointed out that she showed him and taught him something she didn’t need. Whether she meant it or not, Reze did develop genuine romantic feelings for him. Things get even more brutal when Makima ambushed and killed her.


Corbini was captured by demons in the Chainsaw Man.

Kobeni is a more complicated case chainsaw manlist of preferred characters for . She was introduced as easily unlikable: very cowardly, willing to fire on her comrades if she was scared enough. However, she became more down to earth as her backstory was revealed.

Kobeni’s perpetual fear comes from an understandable place, as her callous and negligent parents pushed her into this life-threatening job to fund her brother’s college tuition. She has more layers than the eye sees, and her melancholy backstory brings her to life.

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