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“The collaboration between Italy, the United Kingdom and Turkey is fundamental for maritime security and stability in the Mediterranean area”: ​​the Minister of Defense, Lorenzo Guerini, met the United Kingdom Secretary of State for Defense Ben Wallace and, then, the Minister of National Defense of the Republic of Turkey Hulusi Akar. The summit took place aboard the Cavour ship of the Italian Navy, moored in the port of Augusta (Syracuse), where the British aircraft carrier also made a stopover Queen Elizabeth. «Italy – explains Guerini – has worked incessantly for release tension in the area through a constructive dialogue e he has always worked on political solutions. The NATO summit on June 14 will mark a moment of important decisions for the adaptation of the Alliance and for the strengthening of relations between Allies ».

The meeting with Wallace

The meeting with Minister Wallace, accompanied by the British ambassador to Italy Jill Morris, follows the telephone conversation of last February 16 and – they report to the Defense – it was an opportunity to resume consultations on international security issues on which Italy and Great Britain “have common interests and shared points of view”. “The collaboration with the United Kingdom – Guerini told Wallace – is of fundamental importance in relation to the deep bonds that bind our nations and theshared strategic interests and I believe the intention to strengthen the bond between our two countries is common ».

Cooperation in the industrial field

Among the topics discussed are those of bilateral cooperation also in the industrial field cwe he programma Tempest, the wider Mediterranean, Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan. The two ministers also agreed to meet again shortly in London to continue the discussion on the collaboration between the two countries and on the partnership in the industrial sector. «Italy – added Guerini – considers Great Britain a strategic partner for the future of the respective industries of Defense and Aerospace, in the development of cooperation programs in the avionics and cyber sectors ».

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“Turkey is a precious NATO ally”

With the Turkish minister, on the other hand, Guerini discussed collaboration in the NATO sphere and the relations between their departments. “Turkey – said Guerini – is an important partner of Italy and a precious NATO ally. This further meeting goes in the direction of strengthening relations between our countries. Italy confirms its commitment to foster a concrete and constructive dialogue between Turkey and Europe ”. During the bilateral meeting, the two ministers discussed the current situation in the Mediterranean, the NATO missions in Afghanistan, Iraq and Kosovo and finally the cooperation between Italy and Turkey in the defense industry.

The stability of Libya and the end of the mission in Afghanistan

The three defense ministers then continued their talks and had a business lunch aboard the British ship Queen Elizabeth, moored in the Sicilian port, where the Royal Navy aircraft carrier is parked after a series of exercises. Among the topics of discussion, in this case, maritime security and stability in the Mediterranean area and commitment to international missions. In this regard, Guerini stated that “the stability of Libya is a strategic priority for Italy and everything must be done so that the situation does not develop into a frozen conflict with the risk of a division of the country ”, confirming Italy’s commitment to support the international efforts entrusted to the next conference in Berlin, scheduled for the end of June. At the center of their conversation, too cooperation in the defense industry and Afghanistan, where the minister has just gone to attend the last flag-lowering of the Italian contingent in Herat before returning after 20 years. “Italy like Turkey and the United Kingdom – said Guerini – supported, alongside the Allies, an important operational effort and now the common commitment is concentrated on possible forms of support for the institutions and the Afghan peopleor in order not to frustrate the work done up to now. It will also be important mto maintain strong diplomatic relations within a security framework“. Minister Guerini also reiterated during the meetings that “Italy looks carefully to the southern flank and in particular to the Wide Mediterranean».

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