comes back and scores after Ronaldo. Overcome Atalanta-

The derby of regrets Juventus wins, which rearranges itself in third place with the breath on the neck of Milan and puts three points between himself and Napoli, leaving him beyond the border line of Champions League qualification. Gattuso’s team bites their hands for being back in the game too late, with the penalty scored by Insigne in the 89th minute, after a submissive first half. The long blue run-up thus stops in front of wounded Madama, a team that shows in large sections what it could have been and has never been to the end: imperfect, wasteful, but capable of breaking through with its accelerations, especially on the bands.

The regret increases dramatically for the Bianconeri because after three months Dybala comes back and takes 4 ‘to make his way – left around to cross in the opposite lower corner – the safety net that protects Pirlo’s team from the final assault of Napoli in the ghost match, played seven months late. The coach embraces the Argentine before sending him out on the pitch and in the end rightly celebrates one of his most important victories, the one that chases away the shadow of a sensational exemption: “When you miss a player like Dybala it becomes difficult – explains Pirlo – and at the we never had an end: he is an added value. We have lost so many points, we cannot go back. But with this energy we can finish in the best way ».

Napoli it is not among them and in fact concedes too much in the first few minutes: ready, go and Ronaldo with his head hits a sensational ball from a cross from Danilo, but on the second attempt he doesn’t miss, this time with a right-footed shot with a low shot, on a Church service always from the right wing.

Juve seem rejuvenated in soul and body compared to the sad version of the last two games against Benevento and Turin. The trio Chiesa, Ronaldo, Morata, with the support of high external Cuadrado, becomes difficult for Napoli to manage, especially in the open field: the blues lose control of the wings, they waste the few good opportunities and only with the entry of Osimhen (and Zielinski backward) do they regain ground and confidence. But Dybala’s magic ruins any comeback plan. IS il Insigne’s late penalty (Chiellini’s foul on Osimhen) is not enough to remedy.

About penalties, not given: there is one on each side, before the break, due to a foul by Lozano sliding on Chiesa and by Sandro on Zielinski. A cry, more than a regret.

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