companies ready to vaccinate employees –

Does a vaccine given to a 20-year-old away traveler mean one vial less for a 70-year-old at risk?
“No, look, that’s not the way things are. In the meantime it will be the commissioner authority to say when it will be time to leave. Then let’s not forget that the efforts of companies also help the rest of the community: vaccinations in the company will lighten the burden on public vaccination centers. I also underline that the operation for companies has a cost since we will receive the vaccines from the ASL but everything else is at our expense ».

Many companies are considering entrusting vaccinations to private healthcare. There is talk of 20 euros per vaccine.
“Everyone will act as they deem most compatible with their situation. Among other things, vaccinating employees is an opportunity, not an obligation ».

The union fears that second-class and second-class workers will be created, those with the vaccine and those without.
«The more companies vaccinate, the more the workload on public centers is reduced, the sooner everyone will be called. And in any case, there will not be workers of series A and series B for two reasons. First, large companies will also be able to vaccinate employees of companies that work within them, from cleaning companies to canteens. Second, companies under 50 employees can join forces ».

Will Confindustria support the mergers?
“Yes of course. Also on a practical level, trying to identify suitable sites ».

Having employees vaccinated makes companies more competitive.
“Yes, the vaccine is an enabler of recovery. In general, there will be no real recovery until we have reached a vaccination rate as a country that blocks the spread of the virus ».

Does it make sense to create preferential lanes for tourism businesses? Greece focuses on the “Covid free” islands.
“In these days of confrontation there has been no talk of it. But we could consider the possibility of establishing priorities that facilitate those who have to reopen ».

Should we consider the fact that in some sectors employees are more exposed, such as supermarket cashiers?
“It is undoubtedly a relevant criterion. Of course, if the vaccines arrived plentiful, there would be no need to ask the question because everyone could be vaccinated even at the same time ».

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At one point the day before yesterday, the Minister of Labor put an either / or: “We don’t get up until it closes.”
“I appreciated Orlando’s decision and mediation skills. And also the fact that he summoned us with the unions, avoiding separate tables ».

You have also updated the health and safety protocol. The unions wanted to increase the distance between one worker and another to two meters.
“The point is that factories cannot be expanded. But above all, the numbers tell us that our workplaces are already safe: out of 157 thousand reports of accidents, only 2.8% refer to the manufacturing industry ».

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