Square Enix’s upcoming farming and living sim Harvestella shares some potential similarities with Rune Factory 5 and Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

June 28 Nintendo Direct revealed harvesteran upcoming fantasy farm game, with Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Rune Factory 5. harvester It’s Square Enix’s interpretation of the farming and life sim genre, complete with a combat system. It’s set to release on Nintendo Switch on November 4th.

Nintendo Direct releases its first trailer harvester It showcases farming, combat, and world exploration. This can naturally be compared to recent fantasy farming sims, Rune Factory 5. Switch leading simulation game, Animal Crossing: New Horizonsis another header that has several elements with harvester.

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This harvester The trailer shows footage of the hero and heroine, which has become standard in life sims such as Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Rune Factory 5. harvester, rune factoryand ANIMAL CROSSING All also use the seasons to change the environment.Although crops are not affected by the season Animal Crossing: New Horizonsthey are Rune Factory 5,It seems like harvester Again, given its focus on agriculture. harvester Also like these two games there is a fishing feature, seasons may affect how players can new horizons. However, a major change is harvester Including the fifth season of Quietus, described as the “season of the dead,” will likely be the center of the game’s story.like Rune Factory 5, harvester Seems to be more driven than story and character Animal Crossing: New Horizonstilt harvester closer to rune factory Compare ANIMAL CROSSING.

Comparing Harvestella to Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Rune Factory 5

compared to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, harvester There will be crops and cooking recipes from the start.Although it is not clear how far harvester will take custom, main focus ANIMAL CROSSING is the almost limitless freedom to customize the player’s home, environment, and even themselves to their liking. The addition of cooking and crops is welcome because it increases the potential ways people can build islands, but unlike farming simulators, it’s not part of the main gameplay elements.even though harvester Gives players the freedom to customize their farms and homes, which probably won’t come close to where they can personalize their islands Animal Crossing: New Horizons. However, farming simulators can have deeper RPG-style character customization options, so there’s a chance harvester will be closer new horizons in this regard.

Rune Factory 5 and harvester Because it’s mostly a farming sim.it and harvester Take a fantasy twist on the farming sim genre by including magical creatures and a combat system. harvester3D graphics currently look better than Rune Factory 5, but it’s still unclear how the fighting games will compare.Like most farming sims, it actually guarantees harvester A relationship will be established, which may mean the option to have a romantic relationship with certain NPCs. However, whether such romantic NPCs will be limited by the player’s chosen protagonist may be another matter; Rune Factory 5Candidate for Marriage allows players to marry any eligible NPC, regardless of their protagonist’s gender, which is a huge improvement for the genre.Unfortunately, there is no guarantee harvester Will follow suit, though there’s still plenty of time to reveal more on the subject before the November release date.

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