«Confrontation with Draghi for a great agreement also in the private sector» – Corriere.it

After the pact for public work there is also a pact for the private sector. The proposal is launched by the Minister of Public Administration, Renato Brunetta, who spoke at the conference «Before it’s tomorrow. A new public administration for the Italy of the future ”, promoted by Cisl Fp. “With President Draghi – said the minister – we are thinking about the idea of to sign a great agreement also for private work. The path of dialogue and social cohesion is a winning strategy to interpret this moment of relaunching the country “.

The hypothesis is therefore a Pact for the innovation of private work on the model of the agreement signed at Palazzo Chigi on 10 March with Premier Draghi and the general secretaries CGIL CISL UIL (text here). A document that also provided for an average increase of about 107 euros for civil servants. In any case, it is an agreement that would potentially affect crucial aspects for workers. From the organization of work to the management of smart working con the identification of a discipline of remote work by contract. Without forgetting the attention paid to the requalification of human capital, the updating of skills and training.

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