Covid vaccine, confident Dragons: the campaign proceeds. Regions in pressing: raise the shutters –

For the first time since Prime Minister, Mario Draghi is found besieged and pressed from all sides. The presidents of the regions want raise the shutters of economic activities already from April 20, the League calls for a calendar of reopening, restaurateurs and street vendors no longer hold up the restrictions and, thanks to those who blow the fire, they clash with the police a few steps from Palazzo Chigi. Back in the afternoon from his first mission in Libya, Draghi found the demonstrators still in the square and, on the phone with the ministers, gave the line: solidarity with those who suffer, but also firmness, to prevent discomfort of those not working due to the pandemic be exploited putting public order at risk.

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Also on the front vaccinethere is no shortage of problems. The long-awaited change of pace is not yet seen and today the news could arrive of a further limitation in the use of AstraZeneca, the serum on which Italy has strongly focused. Yet reassuring messages arrive from the rooms of the government. The first that there are vaccines and from now on it will be up to the regions to give their best to administer them. The Minister of Health Roberto Speranza thinks that now the governors have all the weapons to run and believes that a possible limitation of AstraZeneca will not force the Commissioner Figliuolo to change the Italian plan in the running, because we are already vaccinating for seniority.

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As for the slowdown in the last few days, which saw the bar of administrations drop below 100,000, at Palazzo Chigi they believe that a slowdown in correspondence with the Easter holidays is physiological. And if there is strong concern from some regions for AstraZeneca cuts, which on April 14 will deliver 175 thousand doses instead of the 340 thousand planned, here too the input will be reduced, because half of the missing doses will be distributed together with the deliveries of April 16 and 23.

In short, Draghi has full confidence in the work of General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo and, like him, he is convinced that, at the end of the month, Italy will reach 500,000 injections per day. A strategic objective for the government, to which the explosive theme of reopening is linked. For Draghi, the vaccination campaign and the restart of bars, restaurants, gyms, and cinemas are two sides of the same coin, two dossiers to be examined together. Tomorrow the head of the executive will do it with the presidents of the regions during a summit that will have at the center Recovery plan, but which will certainly extend to the destiny of commercial activities.

The governors of the League they want specific dates to plan the reopening in the long term: Green light to cinemas and theaters with quotas, restaurants open for dinner in the regions with data from the yellow zone, places with shutters up until 6 pm also in the orange zone ….

The president of Liguria Giovanni Toti will remind Draghi that it was he who summoned the taste of the future and ask for a calendar to reopen. But the pressures don’t just come from the right. The governor of Emilia-Romagna Stefano Bonaccini, who leads the Conference of Regions, sees the virus curve downhill and prepares to reason with the premier of partial reopenings.

In Draghi’s agenda there is also an imminent face to face with Matteo Salvini, who has been in a hurry to return to life since April and intends to negotiate with the ex president of the ECB a relaxation of restrictions, based on new protocols. The premier continues to move with extreme caution and suffers from being pulled by the jacket, both by the aperturists and by the penalty takers. This is why, in the speeches made at Palazzo Chigi, the date of April 20 is considered a stretch.

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The parties are in turmoil, but Prime Minister Draghi’s line does not change. All decisions will be made on the basis of epidemiological data and certainly not as a result of political pressure from one or the other party.

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