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of Maria Teresa Meli

Concern among the senators: “So we will find a Renzi-Lega law”

“If we go on like this we will end up with the Renzi-Salvini law instead of the Zan and at that point we will also have to vote for it”: the dem senators are worried. The numbers of yesterday’s plenary speak for themselves. And if Italy lives, which neither the group leader Davide Faraone nor the leader Matteo Renzi exclude, next Tuesday will present amendments, everything could change. The amended law could go to the House and be approved there in the new version, because it is difficult for the dem to take the burden of voting against it, sinking it. It would be tantamount to saying that for the umpteenth time the Italian Parliament was unable to approve a law against homophobia.

Therefore, the senators of the Democratic Party are in perennial fibrillation. They’ve been asking for days an assembly on the Zan law with Enrico Letta: in the end they get it, it will be today, but the secretary, barring last minute surprises, will not be present.

I 14 grillini absent rekindle the fears of the parliamentarians of the Democratic Party. Also because of the appeal there was a lack of “contiani” of weight such as Vito Crimi and Paola Taverna. And as if that were not enough, the former prime minister did not say a word on the Zan law. «Today’s numbers – he says Valeria Fedeli – are a signal. Many absences from the Movement due to internal turbulence and political culture ». But there are not only absences. There are also votes in favor of the suspension proposed by the League. The senators of the Autonomies present, Meinhard Durnwalder e Dieter Steger who do not speak out against. Yet in the abacus of the Democratic Party that patrol was taken for granted.

Confusion prevails in the mixed group: the ex 5 Stars Mattia Crucioli, Saverio De Bonis, Gregorio De Falco, Gianluigi Paragone, Rosa Silvana Abate are for the suspension. And following their example also Raffaele Fantetti, the senator who left Forza Italia to take on the role of the “builder” of that Count ter, who, as is well known, has never seen the light.

Andrea Cangini, wing FI dialoguing, walks through the corridors of the Senate and confides: “All those of the Democratic Party with whom I speak are perplexed by this line.” Evidently Cangini has not spoken to Monica Cirinnà, who says she is ready to sacrifice herself for the Zan law: «Yes, I want to die in battle, together with gays, trans, dragonfly children. Piero Ignazi is right, the quality of the fighter is seen in the defeat. After all, in this political context we have no other possibilities ». A few dem colleagues who pass by do the begging. Some other, more malicious, remembers: «It was no coincidence that Renzi decided to take away the practice of civil unions. If it had been up to her, that law would also have died. ‘

In the meantime, Iv is waiting for a window of dialogue to open in the Democratic Party: if it does not happen, it is likely that Renzi’s party will present its amendments. But it is really very difficult for the dem to be able to change lines. The pressure on Letta is very strong and does not involve only the senators, but the secretary appears adamant: “Dealing now means doing it with Salvini – he explains to the senators – and in eight months the leader of the league proved to be completely unreliable. Orbán and Duda are not compatible with a law of civilization. The amendments will be tabled on Tuesday, that in this way they will have a name and surname and everyone will understand ».

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