“Dead Man Walking” on TV: the (true) stories that inspired the film and the other 7 secrets

A feature film denouncing the death penalty arrived in cinemas in 1995: we are talking about “Dead Man Walking – Condemned to death”, based on the autobiographical novel of the same name by Sister Helen Prejean, a historical American activist. The director of the film Tim Robbins and the two leading actors, Susan Sarandon, who lent her face to the nun, and Sean Penn, interpreter of the death row inmate Matthew Poncelet, have always openly sided against the death penalty. The film, which shows the bond that is established between Poncelet and sister Helen (she acts as his spiritual adviser until the execution), was awarded an Oscar: Susan Sarandon got it as best actress. The title, “Dead man walking”, is the expression that prison guards once used to identify death row inmates among other inmates (“dead man walking”). But this is not the only curiosity related to the film, which can be seen on Sky Cinema Drama at 5.15pm

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