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Il Toro has resumed training at Philadelphia. The grenade team had not worked as a team for nine days. Eight positive players remain forever: Linetty, Baselli, Singo, Bremer, Nkoulou, Murru, Buongiorno and Belotti. Meanwhile, on the official website of the granata we read that the Torino Football Club, assisted and defended by the lawyer Eduardo Chiacchio, announces that it has filed with the sports judge the notice of appeal regarding the causes of force majeure that prevented the Lazio match from being played. Turin.

However, judge Mastrandrea will not make decisions on Thursday, waiting to study all the papers. Survey supplement therefore, and by Friday the Bull will complete his documentation to testify the cause of force majeure, in fact already recognized by the president of the Football Federation, Gabriele Gravina. Lazio itself will produce its own documents, and Mastrandrea should rule within ten days. Although the affair highlighted flaws in the protocol (which Maurizio Casasco had tried to remedy by suggesting corrective measures, but remained unheard) Thursday in the assembly the health issue will not be addressed. In a climate of all against all the presidents they will meet, by videoconference, to examine the two major issues on the table, funds (opposed by Juve, Lazio and Naples) and TV rights.

Representatives of the Cvc-Advent-Fsi consortium will intervene to reiterate the interest in becoming a minority shareholder of the media company: particularly not secondary given that on 4 February the consortium had placed the aut or the League, the signature immediately on the preliminary contract or the breakdown of negotiations. At the same time it continues the match of TV rights, but it will be difficult to reach the assignment: the offers of Dazn and Sky remain binding until March 29 and nine are the clubs that do not intend to express themselves until the funds issue has been clarified. De Siervo will ask the presidents to authorize private negotiations for the sale of foreign rights in the Middle East.

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