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“I will not draw political indications from the municipal vote”, says Enrico Letta interviewed by Myrta Merlino at The air that pulls, on La7. It might seem that the secretary of the Democratic Party is putting his hands forward in view of a defeat in the October administration. But is not so.

In Naples the agreement between dem and 5 stars on Gaetano Manfredi, blessed by Vincenzo De Luca, it is a harbinger of electoral success. In Milan Beppe Sala is considered the winner, without the grillini, even if the mayor of the Lombard capital supports Giuseppe Conte’s attempt, as long as the former prime minister brings “no ifs and buts to the center-left”. Even in Rome, thanks to the center-right and Virginia Raggi, Roberto Gualtieri, who does not break through in the polls, has a good chance of being elected. Only in Calabria the situation is complicated, because the effort of the commissioner pd Stefano Graziano to bring the whole center-left on a single winning candidacy, that of Nicola Irto, risked being thwarted by the attempt of the deputy secretary dem Beppe Provenzano to change horses to agree with the grillini (who are the last party in that region) and with Luigi De Magistris. And even now, the 5-star pressing for a common civic candidate could overturn Graziano’s patient work in a region where the center-right is very strong.

However no, it is not the autumn administrative elections to worry Letta and the leaders of the Democratic Party but the polls in view of the policies to come. They are disheartening. Yesterday the group of the Democratic Party of the Senate met to analyze the data of a research commissioned to You Trend. The data certainly did not put the dem in a good mood. The Democratic Party in that poll is nailed to 18.9%, that is 0.2% more than what Letta himself defined as the “worst result in the history of the party”. The reference is to the 2018 elections, Matteo Renzi secretary. Three years have passed, three secretaries have changed, but the Democratic Party does not take off.

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Not only that, the trend of the dem is decreasing: less than 0.8 percent compared to the last survey. Young people, to whom the new leader would like to open the Democratic Party, continue to be in hiding: between 18 and 34 only 14.4 percent would vote for the Democratic Party. And the consensus in that age group tends to decline, not increase (minus 0.9 percent). These data are sobering and have rekindled the branch in the Senate: in yesterday’s assembly there were several critical interventions, from Andrea Marcucci to Salvatore Margiotta, from Stefano Collina to Gianni Pittella, all against the “identity battles” of the secretary, such as those on the inheritance tax, the vote for sixteen year olds and the Ius soli. The Democratic Party starts to fibrillate. And the reformist base, the current of Lorenzo Guerini and Luca Lotti, which met the day before last night, also with the new entry of Graziano Delrio, is holding back on its alliance with the M5s «prisoner of a tiring transition».

But Letta, who is a pragmatic man, knew very well that he had taken a bad side and to have a difficult task. So look at the other data from these polls as well. Data that tell us that without the grillini the battle of the center-left against the center-right is lost: “Those who turn up their noses on the M5s are wrong, we must widen to win.” To the Courier service the dem secretary explains: «We always dialogue well with Conte. We have a common mission, to beat Salvini and Meloni. Political elections are the horizon. The administrative are objectively complex due to the past ». And speaking of administrative matters, Letta attacks the center-right which in Rome and Naples presents two magistrates who stand as candidates in the cities where they work. But Giorgia Meloni and Matteo Salvini reply by reminding him that the Democratic Party has done the same in the past. Michele Emiliano docet.

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