Dl Sostegni bis: smart working, Imu discount, rentals and evictions, gyms and concert vouchers: what changes

The new provision: aid and measures for businesses and families of the Sostegni bis Decree

Non-repayable aid to businesses and families does not end: the government is preparing a new round of aid and measures at a rapid pace – gathered under the hat of the Support Decree bis – for those who have suffered the most from the economic crisis following the Covid emergency. They range from the regulation of emergency smart working, extended until the end of September, to reliefs for homeowners who do not receive rents from defaulting tenants, at Imu discount for those who have suffered the greatest damage in terms of turnover.

The decree is expected to be ready by the end of the week and presented in close quarters in Parliament.
At the same time the original Sostegni decree, or the first approved by the Draghi government, waiting to be converted into law and is enriched in these hours of amendments added in the passage in front of the parliamentary committees.
In particular, the Sostegni decree is expected for Wednesday in the Senate Chamber. Last night the Budget and Finance committees gave the green light to the provision giving the mandate to the speakers to report to the Chamber. On the provision, which must then pass to the Chamber and be approved by May 22, it is possible that the government raises the question of confidence.
So let’s see what are the innovations that emerge from the new Sostegni bis decree and from the old Sostegni decree, appropriately revised and corrected.

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