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I jumped on a moving train knowing that I would have to work hard, but I did not imagine that I would have spent two months in apnea. Stefano Mei has been leading Italian athletics for 70 days. Wednesday in Formia and Rome the first rallies after the epidemic, in three weeks in Poland the first junction of the season: the attempt to qualify the five relays for Tokyo.

In two months, a Golden Gala full of question marks, including four Olympics. The decision-making of the former champion of the fund is upsetting an accustomed environment with soft steps. Luigi D’Onofrio, for 27 years patron of the Golden Gala, one of the most important meetings in the world, he knows something: Former patron, please. I had the pleasure of hearing from the new president for the first time only last week: he proposed that I remain on duty until the day of the meeting. Inadmissible, offensive proposal. With so little time available, I don’t know how they’re going to keep up a manifestation the world envies us. Mei: I’ve been in Rome since February 1st, I’ve never had the pleasure of receiving visits or phone calls from D’Onofrio. I called him, I proposed to stay until June 30 and then discuss the future. He has not yet answered me, yes to you: I take note of it. The Golden Gala will take place on 4 June, in Naples or Florence, entrusted to already identified reference persons. It will be a great event.

The running train on which Mei got on (The elections had to be held last September, so everything is more difficult) would advance held back by the weight of dozens of onerous collaboration contracts signed by the Giomi management, not all for indispensable roles in an Olympic key. True – says Mei – and certainly bizarre that with the Olympics ending on 8 August, the assignments expire two months later, on 30 September. Whether certain roles are superfluous or not, I prefer not to comment on it. Whether I want to change everything or very well known, whether I want to chase away fake people. With the federal council we will choose the new technicians, few and qualified, on the basis of the curriculum to enhance the territory as it was not done before.

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On the names Mei is not unbuttoned: the departure of the current coach La Torre is given for sure (I do not confirm, but I spoke to him about the renewal of the technical sector well before the elections), someone mentions the name of Sandro Donati as the new leader of the national team . Again Mei: I have a lot of respect for Donati as a technician and as a person. The answer to the rumors circulating about his future in the national team was given by himself: he feels old for that role. Donati also spoke of the athletic world’s hatred of him. Sandro divisive, you know – continues Mei – but my friendship will always be independent of the Schwazer case. On the matter I was clear: in 2012 I attacked Alex hard for doping, after the order of Bolzano I find it right to clarify. And I think like Tamberi: if what the judge writes was really done to him, it was crazy bullshit.

The new president rejects to the sender the accusations of having canceled the Europeans under 18 of Rieti in August for lack of will and resources (Decision agreed with the European federation, bringing hundreds of minors to Italy during the epidemic would have been a risk) and positively photographs the first part of the season: the exciting results of Jacobs, Iapichino and Tamberi are there for all to see. And behind them many talents are growing. But the thing that makes me most optimistic are the tens of thousands of children and young people who are training in our facilities, all open in spite of the epidemic: unlike other sports, athletics does not stop and we will soon see the results of this. extraordinary effort.

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