double European show in the Champions League finals-

They are two different stories, but united by the talent of teams of widespread excellence, even if Paola Egonu the leading character of Conegliano while Simone Giannelli, setter from Italy, the synthesis, at a media level, of Trento.

The women’s final between Imoco Volleyball – born only in 2012 but quickly became a power – and the Vakifbank Istanbul, coached for 13 years by Giovanni Guidetti who, piece by piece, has built a mosaic of 4 triumphs in the Champions League, 3 world titles for clubs and 10 Turkish championships. A battleship is also the one that must sink ITAs to make poker in Europe. Owned by a chemical group, the unpronounceable Polish teamo (Zaksa Kedzierzyn-Kozle) he eliminated first Civitanova and then the Russians of Kazan, accustomed to dominating. Disturbing detail: in both cases it happened at the golden set, a sign of mental strength. THEoff at 5 pm with the women; men at 20.30; live on Raidue and Sky.

April 30, 2021 (change April 30, 2021 | 23:13)


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