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of Massimo Franco

Reiterated the need for justice reform: a law also requested by the European Commission as a condition for granting aid from the Recovery Plan. Signs of boycott by the 5 Stars

The visit of Prime Minister Mario Draghi and the Keeper of Seals Marta Cartabia to the prison of Santa Maria Capua Vetere had a highly symbolic value, after the violence and humiliations suffered by the inmates. But the signal was not limited to that shameful page. Such an authoritative and unprecedented presence served to reaffirm the need for justice reform: a law also requested by the European Commission as a condition for granting aid from the Recovery Plan. It should therefore be read as a message addressed to that part of the government majority that continues to veto this and issue warnings: in the front row the Five Star Movement.

This is an all the more thorny question because brings out a management of the ministry in the years of the grillino Alfonso Bonafede, who at least raises some questions. The fact that after the presentation of the reform in the Council of Ministers, signs of boycott in Parliament arrive from the Five Stars, raises a question of consistency. But not of Palazzo Chigi, but of the Movement. First he endorsed the changes to the text with his ministers. Then he contested it with the executionist wing headed by the leader, still only in pectore, Giuseppe Conte: uAn attack so predictable that it becomes cloying; above all with the veiled threat of abstention on the reform.

It is not clear where such a strategy could lead, if not to a further split of the M5S: perhaps with the unspeakable hope of a government crisis in the middle of August. But using the controversial norms of Bonafede as a totem to find a simulacrum of the Movement’s unity, an operation as unscrupulous as it is shortsighted. It only shows the regression of the relative majority strength, orphaned of the Prime Minister’s office and unable to regain political lucidity. The first consequence of cracking the relationship with the Democratic Party, which on justice has embraced the premier’s line.

With Lega and FI, Enrico Letta’s party calls for action soon: it should not go beyond 23 July. M5S and FdI, which, for the opposition, instead ask for longer times. Matteo Salvini claims full sharing of the Draghi agenda. And he warns: Anyone who gets in the way of reforms, whether it’s Conte, Grillo or some current of the Democratic Party, will have an opponent in the League. The insistence with which Salvini claims the harmony with Draghi knows a bit of forcing. Among other things, there is a referendum choice on justice that can conflict with the path of the Cartabia reform.

But it says a lot about the space that the M5S convulsions are giving to part of the coalition: convulsions consistent with the conspiracy theories of a part of Grillismo, and with the accusation against Draghi of pushing the executive to the right. It is a self-absolving scheme, for a Movement torn between the followers of Grillo and Conte, in spite of the rumors of an agreement already reached. The M5S reminds the allies that it is still the main force of the government. But in the meantime it tears apart everything, making threats and creating the conditions for further isolation.

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