A few hours before the deadline for the delivery of the lists, the names of those who did not make it or gave up. Only party to extend the shirts, Fratelli d’Italia

A few hours before the closing of the deadline for the delivery of the lists of candidates for the elections policy of September 25, the first partial accounts can be made on those excluded from the competition. Unlike Brothers of Italy that, by virtue of polls favorable to her, she even had to widen the number of candidates, the other parties decided or had to leave out big and historical exponentsabove all due to the reduction of parliamentarians (now 400 deputies and 200 senators).

In the PD there will be no former ministers Luca Lotti and Valeria Fedeli, Dario Stefàno, Giuditta Pini, together with Luigi Zanda and Barbara Pollastrini who however voluntarily said goodbye to the sign. Instead, the constitutionalist Stefano Ceccanti, Tommaso Nannicini and Monica Cirinnà, who previously had not accepted a difficult uninominal vote, then changed their minds.

In the M5S, instead, those stopped by the rule of the ceiling of the two mandates will pay. Among the big ones who remained at the door: Roberto Fico, Paola Taverna, Alfonso Bonafede, Danilo Toninelli and Virginia Raggi.

In the center right, at home Leaguenot having found a place or having chosen to step aside, Daniele Belotti, Alberto Ribolla, Toni Iwobi, Mario Pittoni and Raffaele Volpi (ex Copasir).

Con Action-Italy alive Gabriele Albertini, ex-mayor of Milan (stopped by Carlo Calenda, who preferred Enrico Costa), and Federico Pizzarotti, ex-mayor of Parma, who ultimately gave up his candidacy in controversy with the limited space granted for the its components. Still in the center, Gaetano Quagliariello chose not to run, while in Forza Italy, where there were sparks,

Renata Polverini, Simone Baldelli and Giuseppe Moles remain out, perhaps Andrea Ruggieri (Bruno Vespa’s nephew), unlike Sestino Giacomoni, Annagrazia Calabria and Deborah Bergamini who have finally found an accommodation. All this, and much more, while waiting for 8 p.m., when the painting will be final.

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