Elections Naples, frost on Maresca: Fi and FdI now seek the alternative between Rastrelli and Fabbrocini

twelve o’clock, June 23, 2021 – 7:17 am

In the list of hypotheses also the leader of the pharmacists Santagada. Waiting for the decisions of the national center-right table

of Angelo Agrippa

«We are waiting for the national table, but this is not the case. Something will happen ». Mimmo De Siano, Campania coordinator of Forza Italia, is engaged in the work of the parliamentary commission and does not let himself be carried away by the wheel of forecasts: “For now I don’t suppose anything, let’s see what will happen tomorrow in the center-right meeting in Rome”. The last sortie of Catello Maresca did not go down to Forza Italia and Fratelli d’Italia. “To say that he doesn’t give a damn about the parties – continue the Berlusconians -, only to find the ex-missino condemned Massimo Abbatangelo in the front rows at Ponticelli, let’s say it’s not the best”.

Tense nerves

In short, what remains of the center right is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. The blue MEP and coordinator of Naples Fulvio Martusciello commented irritably: «I’m consulting the dictionary on what the verb ‘fuck’ means. I have never used it in my life, and more than 90% of Neapolitans like me ». Luciano Schifone, of the national leadership of the Brothers of Italy, attacks: «One who says he is Catholic and then does not recognize the importance of symbols goes astray by himself. I hope for his repentance, also because on several occasions we have reminded Maresca that we will not give up the party list and we are also ready with the candidate for mayor Sergio Rastrelli in the event that the breakup occurs ».

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After the “I don’t care”

The last few hours have been really excited, with complaints frantically bounced on internal chats against Maresca’s “I don’t care”. Of course, the organizational crisis is all there otherwise we would not cling to the handle of the civic candidate for mayor of Naples who, in response, never misses an opportunity to remove from himself any risk of political mingling with those who should be his allies, asking them to take off their traditional shirts. «There is a whole path to be faced – suggests with algid detachment the former president of the Region Stefano Caldoro – starting with the lists for the municipalities. And without guarantees, the parties are cut off. Then, if Giorgia Meloni decides for the break, then it will be a whole other story and in that case you have to be ready ».

I nomi

And ready means with an alternative candidate to Maresca. Hence, the resumption of research with Diogenes’ lantern: beyond the Rastrelli hypothesis, there are those who pull the former parliamentarian and rector of the Campus-Biomedical university, Raffaele Calabrò, out of the hat. But also the president of the Order of Pharmacists and university professor of chemistry, Vincenzo Santagada. Or Gabriella Fabbrocini, Professor of Venereal and Skin Diseases at Federico II, who until now has been kept under cover waiting to be able to spend, in the best way possible, her candidacy proposal. The League calls the time out. “For now we have no contraindications – says the Campania secretary Valentino Grant -: I know that there is tension in the allies, but I think there is full agreement with Maresca on the programs”. Thus also the citizen coordinator Severino Nappi: «I believe that Maresca, with that expression, has only revealed political inexperience. But I want to hope that everything will be recomposed soon ». A wish, perhaps even a little resigned, to avoid the irremediable.

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June 23, 2021 | 07:17


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