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Four statuettes for the Apple TV + comedy series. The protagonist Sudeikis: «Thanks to teamwork

There are queen that dominate undisputed and there are also winners
outsider among the winners of the Emmy Awards 2021
. The ceremony, which saw the TV stars return to the red carpet after last year’s “distanced” edition with home connections, predictably crowned «The Crown» between the drama series and “The chess queen” among the miniseries (both from Netflix), while on the comedy front, the triumph was “Ted Lasso “, an Apple TV + title that is less noble and known to the general public than the previous two, but which has made its way into the hearts of viewers.

The award-winning history of British royal family of «The Crown» did hoarding of awards (seven in total) also at the 78th “TV Oscars”, with the “queen” Olivia Colman best protagonist, “Prince Charles” Josh O’Connor best actor and all the main categories, including direction and screenplay, scored . Equally awaited the victory of the miniseries-phenomenon with Anya Taylor-Joy chess prodigy who contributed to Netflix’s record medal table, the platform that brought home the most victories (44 prizes).

It is on the comic front, however, that the satisfactions come for a less mammoth and a little more niche production: “Ted Lasso”, the story of an American football coach who finds himself coaching a British football team despite being totally unfed on the subject, he dominated in the “comedy” category, where he counted as many as 20 nominations, winning four statuettes. In addition to the one for best series, the protagonist Jason Sudeikis, already awarded this year with a Golden Globe, won best actor and the two supporting actors Hannah Waddingham and Brett Goldstein were elected best supporting actors. Merit of teamwork, commented Sudeikis, in full spirit with the theme of the series, more attentive to people than to mere sporting competition: «It’s a great team win and this is the most beautiful thing. It is what we all carry with us and for which we are responsible, “said theactor and comedian, 46 years old, who is also the creator of “Ted Lasso”, together with Bill Lawrence, already behind “Scrubs”, and Brendan Hunt.

His Ted, incompetent coach transplanted to England, he does not know that he was hired precisely to bring the football team he heads to bankruptcy, as a plan to revenge a betrayed ex-wife. He therefore tries to carry out his task with enthusiasm, to the best of his inexperience, revealing himself a little at a time much less naive than he appears. The humor, the characters and the positive message of the series were the key ingredients of success, with a focus on mental health that is deepened in the second season (the third has already been confirmed) and which has already received positive reactions: “There are people who have contacted me to tell me that “Ted Lasso” encouraged them to do something for themselves and ask for help, which is not easy, ”said Sudeikis.

But it wasn’t just him who appealed to team spirit: Kate Winslet, awarded as best actress in a miniseries with her policewoman of “Murder in Easttown”, extended her thanks to the other nominated colleagues: “In the decade that must be one in which women support each other, I greet you, I support you and I’m proud of you, ”she said. Disappointment, however, for those who expected a ceremony dedicated to inclusion and diversity: if on the one hand the winners could choose not to have gender references in their recognition and be simply called “performers”, on the other hand, out of 42 nominations went to black people, the victories for black people were only two: RuPaul per «RuPaul’s Drag Race» e Michaela Coel per «I may destroy you».

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