Actor Brett Gehrman, who played Murray Bowman in Stranger Things, shared his support for Mike and Will’s relationship on social media.

Brett Gelman, the actor who played Murray Bowman in the film Stranger Thingsshares his support for the Mike and Will boat dubbed “Byler.” Stranger Things Season 4 premiered in two volumes on May 28th and July 1st, and despite a three-year delay, has received an incredible response. The story takes darkness, action, and emotion to a whole new level in Season 4, tackling everything from the creation of Upside Down to continuing the fall of unrecognized heroes.This season is a prelude to the final season Stranger Thingswhich undoubtedly has a lot to cover.

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The relationship between Mike and Will is one thing viewers want to see in Season 5.This ship has always existed Stranger Things itself, due to the closeness between the pair of best friends. From the time Mike stayed with Will in season two until after Mike’s romance with Eleven in season three, the tension between them grew with each season. Stranger Things Season 4 dropped some hints about Will’s feelings for Mike, though Will still has to accept who he is, which is difficult in itself and only makes him more terrifying during this time.

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Now, Gehrman himself is involved in Bayer’s discussions. The Murray actor expressed his enthusiasm for the pair in two tweets that scrutinized the popular ship. Gehrman first confirmed that he was “If Bailer is for Bailer for Bailer‘ went on to explain that if those two were meant to be, then he gave it his all. However, he went on to assure the others that he didn’t want to be heartbroken by it, whether Will or Eleven were injured. Check out Gal below Mann’s tweet:

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Gehrman’s words perfectly encapsulate how Mike and Will shippers feel, especially when it comes to Will being accepted and accepting of himself. Will has had enough of his upside-down and mind flayer troubles, and that’s not counting the long and difficult journey of self-acceptance. He has never been like his friends, and as they have grown, he has struggled to find a sense of belonging that he deserves. If a relationship with someone like Mike is what it is for Will, then of course he deserves it, but if it’s not meant to be, then he deserves whatever gives him what he desperately needs. Nor should it come at the expense of Eleven’s heart, although Will’s own should be as protected as hers.So Gehrman has a soft spot for the romance of many Stranger Things Audience support.

Mike and Will’s future will be Stranger Things Season 5, the final installment already promises to be the Hawkins team’s biggest fight to date. Now that the town has fallen into the hands of Wickners, Mind Flayers, and the Inverters, it’s likely to be left to characters like Eleven and Will, who are influential in the dark parallel universe, to lead the others in their efforts to kill. Die Wickner once and for all.Hawkins’ war has begun, not knowing how it will end – leaving everything up in the air Stranger Things Season 5.

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