«Fantozzi against all» on TV: Calboni, the Cobram Cup and other secrets

Directed by a then semi-debut director Neri Parenti and by Paolo Villaggio himself, «Fantozzi contro tutti» (1980) is the third chapter of the saga of the reasoner Ugo Fantozzi, a character created and popularized by the Genoese actor who died in 2017. Last film based on from the Village books – the following ones will be based on original scripts – sees the protagonist grappling with many new (dis) adventures and harassment (from the disastrous white week in Ortisei, in May, to the deadly Cobram Cup). Next to him, the ubiquitous wife Pina (Milena Vukotic) who will take a crush on the grimy grandson of the baker, his daughter Mariangela (Plinio Fernando), the accountant Filini (Gigi Reder) and the other colleagues of the Megaditta. Looking forward to seeing this beloved cult of Italian comedy (Thursday 16 September on Rai Movie at 7.20pm) here is a series of little-known curiosities and anecdotes.

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