In order to boost Constance’s support level and morale in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, players must achieve “perfect dialogue” in her crusade.

Constance is a member of the Grey Wolves and is one of the characters that the protagonist can invite to participate in expeditions Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. Expeditions are events where Shez can spend time with their favorite units by exchanging conversations, asking them thoughtful questions, and giving gifts. If the Constance Expedition dialogue section goes right, the protagonist will get the “perfect dialogue,” which is the result of choosing the best answer and response.Thus, in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Will increase Constance’s support level, increasing her charisma and morale to perform better in battle.

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Before players can go on expeditions with Constance Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, you must clear Chapter 4 to unlock this feature. After Chapter 5 begins, the protagonist will have the opportunity to lead Constance or other units on an expedition after consuming one activity point. This opportunity is only available for roles with Support Level C or higher. The best time for an outing is when Constance’s notice comes at the end of the battle, indicating that she “wanted to go on an expedition.”

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While the Constance Expedition questions, answers, and responses will always remain the same, the dialogue options will be random for each attempt.Therefore, the protagonist is Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes It must be ensured that they choose the correct answer or response to the relevant question or statement to get the best response from Constance.

How Constance’s Expedition Enables Perfect Conversation

How Constance Expedition Fire Emblem Warriors 3 Wants Perfect Conversation

Here are the answers and responses to the best options for a perfect conversation in Constance’s Expedition Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes:

Constance Adventure Selection – Talk

  • dialogue: “Are you familiar with curses?” | Reply: Suppose you want to learn to use them.
  • dialogue: “I think I’m more suited to be a squire” | Reply: Seriously not sure how to answer.
  • dialogue: “I drifted across the kingdom” | Reply: Tell her you feel the same way.
  • dialogue: “I suspect I’m more useful to the military” | Reply: Said she was absolutely useful in the military Fire Emblem Warrior
  • dialogue: “I wonder if I can actually laugh” | Reply: I suggest you both laugh together.
  • dialogue: “As I watch the tea spread in the water in my cup” | Reply: It’s also good to say enjoy together.
  • dialogue: “You too have experienced the trauma of losing everything” | Reply: Suppose you are here now because of it.

Constance Adventure Selection – Ask a Question

  • Question topic: Ask about their preferences. | Reply: Objection to this.
  • question topic: Ask them what they don’t like. | Reply: Be skeptical.
  • question topic: Ask about future dreams. | Reply: Act reliably.
  • question topic: Ask them about their concerns. | Reply: cheer up.
  • question topic: Ask their home. | Reply: Follow up after following.
  • question topic: Ask about past memories. | Reply: Ask for more details.
  • question topic: Ask their friends. | Reply: laugh.
  • question topic: Ask about your favorite fighting style Fire Emblem Warrior. | Reply: Praise that.
  • question topic: Ask them what they think of you. | Response 1: “Oh, I’m sure you’ll respect me”— Answer 1: blush. | response 2: “You can’t find happiness” – Answer 2: Reliable work.
  • Question topic: Ask for any personal news. | Response 1: “you think there is a chance” – Answer 1: Look confused. | response 2: “I feel exceptionally good today” – Answer 2: laugh.

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Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Available for Nintendo Switch.

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