Food consumption by Italian families is declining, while eating out or using home grocery delivery is increasing. This emerges from an in-depth study by the Confindustria study centre.

“In 2022 – so we read – consumption by Italian households grew by 4.6%, exceeding analysts’ expectations. At the end of the year it was declining (-1.7%), in the first quarter of 2023 it started to grow again (+0.5%). ), although still below the pre-Covid level (-1.2%). However, behind this positive overall number there is a strong heterogeneity of the courses”, states the study center Confindustria in a detailed analysis. The consumption of goods is “weak” and “weak dynamics” characterize durable goods and especially short-lived goods.

In particular – it states – “the spending of Italian families on groceries has fallen sharply (-3.7% in 2022; -8.7% in the fourth quarter of 2022 from the first quarter of 2021), in contrast to many other items in this area . acted as a ballast for the increase in total consumption, even considering that food expenditure has a 14% share (second only to housing, water and energy expenditure, 23%).

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