Franks, rush to renovation: dozens of requests, the timing of the tender

A large graphic, A zero format (one meter and 10 by 85 centimeters) and twenty pages of report to win the Franchi renovation project. what the Municipality asks for the first selection among the dozens of participants in the call for tenders for the redevelopment project of the Franchi. one of the technical elements that emerged today in the illustration of the announcement itself made by half the council (councilors for Urban Planning Cecilia Del Re, Titta Meucci for Public Works, for Mobility Stefano Giorgetti and for Spor Cosimo Guccione) and by the general manager Giacomo Parenti to the two commissions, sport and urban planning, of Palazzo Vecchio, chaired by Fabio Giorgetti and Renzo Pampaloni.

The limits and characteristics

The limits of the intervention are known, starting from the opinion given by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage which established that the stadium in Florence cannot be demolished, the spiral staircases must be maintained, the parterres added in the 1990s can be demolished, so like some pieces of the Maratona, but the grandstand and other elements are not. But then, other elements are triggered: the elimination of the campini, the parking lot – the areas where the commercial areas should be born – the other areas of the northern area of ​​Campo di Marte where the overall redevelopment intervention is concentrated, the pedestrianization of a large part of viale Paoli. With an intervention of maximum sustainability with a stadium in the center with 40 thousand seats, covered, suitable for UEFA parameters. And there is much more in the call for tenders published on the internet (at the center of a mobility revolution, starting from the arrival of the tramway towards Coverciano and from the 3-4 thousand parking spaces in the railway area), aimed only at large studios of architecture and design: only those with a

The web commission
The web commission

turnover exceeding 8 million euros (also in association with a company). And they will have to be low-impact construction sites, another element that will be considered important for the award of the project to the winner.

The interest

The participation and the interest was massive and part international: there are already over thirty requests for clarification from studies that wanted to participate. The latest responses will arrive by the 7th of August, then a month to present one’s “project idea”. Among the participants, 8 finalists will be chosen, who from 16 October to the end of October will work to present the project proposals. To the winner, a prize of one million and 252 thousand euros (net of VAT, financed by the Cr Firenze foundation), to the other 58,500 euros. And whoever wins will be entrusted with the definitive and executive design and construction management: given that the total work will be around 190 million euros (of which 90 million from Recovery, 6 from European funds for anti-seismic interventions, the others financed by 15 thousand square meters of commercial spaces and built in the area plus those inside the stadium, but could be anticipated by mortgages from the Municipality with the Bei and the Sports Credit) there is talk of a dozen million, at least, of orders for those who will win the tender competition. But the call for tender establishes the secrecy of those who participate in this first phase: if any name emerges from the administration, the call could be skipped. This is why Palazzo Vecchio has very tightly stitched mouths, the jury has not even been approved yet, maybe it will arrive next week (and those who have had relations with the participants and even relatives up to the fourth grade will not be able to participate). Until September, therefore, we will not know who the participants are: and in March 2022, the winning name will arrive. And then, we have to run: the funds of the Recovery must all be used by 2026.

The debate

Many questions were asked by the directors, mainly related to the future of sports associations (of other activities) which will have to be moved or otherwise affected by the works and new structures (some moved outside Campo di Marte). But also for traffic (the councilor Mario Razzanelli of Forza Italia has announced an appeal to the Council of State against the one that will pass through Campo di Marte). As well as on the new green areas that must be born for this citadel of sport. The real theme for those who will take over the realization of the final project, looking for the remaining funds through the use of the private spaces provided for in the project. Will it be project financing? A concession? Will Fiorentina be there (who say they are interested but will only be able to move forward in the final phase, after February)? Who knows. Surely, the anti-seismic consolidation will be done after the winner is there: the project will have to include that too.

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