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A channel entirely dedicated to the Games: from early morning to late at night, what are the programs not to be missed and the alternatives of the paid platforms

The countdown has begun. On Friday 23 July, at 1 pm, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics will officially kick off and sports fans are ready to binge on competitions, matches, sprints and performances that we will be able to follow on TV until 8 August. Rai, for the occasion, dedicated an entire channel, Rai2, which for two weeks will be transformed into an Olympic network, where from early morning to late evening viewers can enjoy special and completely free programming. Between editions of the Olympic news, insights and curiosities, the national network will be active as early as 1.30 (thanks to the time zone, several competitions will start in the early hours of the Italian day) until after midnight. It will not be Rai alone that will broadcast the Games of the XXXII Olympiad: the event, in fact, can also be followed (for a fee) on other platforms, such as Discovery +, which was awarded the full rights of the event.

The programming of the Olympics on Rai

The first appointment to be marked on the agenda is the opening ceremony (where the flag bearer of the Olympic athletes will be the Italian volleyball player Paola Egonu) which will be Friday 23 from 1pm to 4.30pm, live on the second national channel. For all other events, day by day, viewers of Rai channels (but there is also the alternative of Rai Radio) can choose between Tokyo Best Of at 5.15pm, with the best of the day, followed by the insight into Il Circolo degli Anelli and the night closing, from 11.45pm, Record, with the innovative story of the sports feats of the Olympic champions. From 1.30 am, on the other hand, the various disciplines will be told by commentators and experts (to know the whole calendar of the Olympics, here is the in-depth analysis of Corriere).

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Where to see the Olympics on TV

As mentioned, in addition to Rai, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics can also be followed on the Discovery + platform (here all the more detailed information on the offer). In this case it serves a subscription that includes the Sport package (€ 7.99 per month), but those who sign up until August 1st will be able to take advantage of a three-day free trial and also choose to subscribe for the first 12 months for only 29.99 euros in total. Even subscribers to Eurosport Player will have unlimited enjoyment of all Discovery content, as well as those who are already TimVision customers. Alternatively, for those who have Amazon Prime Video, you can take out an additional subscription for the Discovery + schedule at 3.99 euros per month. Finally, free access also for the Fastweb fiber and mobile customers (main partner of Coni and of the Italian national team), who will have three months free of Discovery + contents.

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