A fan theory holds that friends Season 10 Secret includes Phoebe’s mysterious roommate, Dennis, who the character (Phoebe’s Bar) believes is fictional. As the most eccentric member of the group, Phoebe Buffy’s story is often taken with a grain of salt. One aspect of her life that even Monica, Rachel, Chandler, Ross, and Joy don’t believe is that she has a roommate named Dennis, and she talks about “all the time,” but is thought to have never actually appeared in friends.

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exist friends In Season 6, after Monica and Chandler decide to move into the main apartment, Rachel has to find a new place to live. When Rachel asked Phoebe to move into her apartment, Phoebe surprised everyone by saying she already had a roommate named Denise, which the other characters denied was true. Chandler asked her how she had a roommate they didn’t know, and Phoebe replied that they never listened to anything she said. The character was last mentioned a few episodes later, when Phoebe’s roommate Dennis was said to be out of town until December 26, when Rachel could move in. After Rachel hints that Dennis is Santa, Phoebe seems to be really wondering if that’s true.

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Although Dennis appears to be fictional, some friends Viewers thought she was subtly included in Phoebe and Mike’s season 10 wedding. During the ceremony, Monica and Rachel stood next to Phoebe, alongside another mysterious, unnamed, unmentioned bridesmaid. Since the cast of “The Man Who Married Phoebe” doesn’t name an actress or character, her identity has been a mystery since the episode aired.However, since Phoebe barely mentions that anyone her age would be close enough to be a bridesmaid, it seems likely that the mystery woman could be Denise, which proves her used to be The real whole time. However, it’s more likely that Phoebe’s third bridesmaid is Mike Hannigan’s (Paul Rudd) unnamed sister, as he’s identified as having a sister who she’s also never seen or seen on the show. mentioned. friends episode.

Is Dennis real or Phoebe made it up?

One of the biggest unanswered questions friends‘Whether Denise is real or Phoebe Buffy made it up, 10 seasons left. Considering that none of the characters remember hearing her talk about Denise or having a roommate, it’s likely that Phoebe made her up so she wouldn’t have to rent a room from Rachel.Phoebe just told Rachel friends‘ The season 5 finale saw her live alone, so Denise would only be her roommate for a few weeks before leaving town.On the other hand, Lisa Kudrow’s friends When Rachel jokingly hints, the character seems to actually believe Denise might be Santa, so maybe Denise is real, and even a mysterious figure to Phoebe herself.

even Denise used to be Really, she’s unlikely to show up in friendsThe writers just need Phoebe to make Denise her roommate so Rachel has no choice but to move in with Rose, upping the ante. friends Season 6 will-they-won’t-their story. Rachel had to find out that she was still married to Ross, so forced them to live together temporarily when Ross apparently had feelings for her and needed to play through before she moved in with anyone else friends The character’s apartment.That’s why Phoebe’s mysterious roommate Dennis was revealed to be out of town for a long time just two episodes after she was first mentioned, because friends No more excuses to stop Rachel from living with her.

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