from the “zero titles” of Rome to the “intellectual prostitution” –

Let’s face it: this time too, like that other time, Jos Mourinho’s party spoiled it a little bit for the Inter fans. Not that this will be enough to undermine the very solid relationship of love that binds him to the Nerazzurri fans: it did not happen when in May 2010 he went to Real Madrid on the same evening of the conquest of the treble, climbing directly into the car of the president blanco Florentino Perez in the parking lot of the Bernabeu, rest assured that it will not happen even this time. Of course, it will be strange to see him as an opponent at San Siro, as a general dressed in the uniform of another army, but so is the ball, so is life. Or rather, so Mou. Histrionic, theatrical, divisive, unsettling.

As we have not seen him for a while: he no longer stings, no longer amazes, he has become bourgeois, aged, become good, this was said of him in recent years, characterized by few satisfactions and many failures, such as the very recent exemption from Tottenham, the third in a row after Chelsea and United. The truth is that the self in Rome is a blow from the old Mou: the one of the handcuffs, the one who presented himself speaking in Milanese on the first day as an Interista, that of the noise of the enemies, the one that not even Jesus liked everyone, that of the porqu ?, the one that takes you off guard on and off the pitch, the one that you never know what to do, what to say, where to go. The Special, the real one.

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One of his most successful slogans, the famous zeru tituli, is linked to Rome, for example. It was March 3, 2009 when, during an unforgettable press conference, you pronounced the famous indecent: I don’t like intellectual prostitution, I like intellectual honesty. Roma have great players, but they will finish the season with zeru tituli. The background was represented by the furious Giallorossi controversy over Rizzoli’s referee direction in Inter-Roma 3-3 two days earlier, characterized by the Nerazzurri comeback initiated by the controversial penalty kick then transformed by Balotelli.

Those were the years of the very hot rivalry on the Inter-Roma axis. More than ten years ago: another football, another world, perhaps just another Mou. One thing is certain: if here, if he came back, if he jumped the border, just to prove to everyone, and first of all to himself, that his game against time is not over yet. And what an idiot has not yet become

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