from Veneto to Friuli, the areas ready to go –

The maximum urgency is given to tourism employees. For them, being vaccinated means ensuring a reduced-risk environment for those who go on holiday. And, consequently, to be able to aspire to a summer in recovery. «Greece has started vaccination campaigns on the islands to create Covid free microenvironments. We too must mobilize and do everything possible to save the next summer season. Vaccinations for operators in the sector are certainly a tool », says Marina Lalli, the president of Federturismo Confindustria. «Of course, we do not pretend to come before health personnel or fragile categories who risk their lives – continues Lalli -, but as soon as these are safe, we must also think about vaccinations as a tool to restart the economy. We talked about it with the new Minister of Tourism Garavaglia ».
Another category at risk is that of plant assembly workers in the metalworking sector: for them too, being vaccinated would mean reducing the risk that the trip will turn into an obstacle course. Finally, there are all the other workers. “We provide workplaces for vaccinations”, the president of Confindustria Carlo Bonomi has repeatedly reiterated. Availability is not just theoretical. Many territories are perfecting a modus operandi and some protocols are ready for signature.

Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto the Regions on the home straight

In Friuli and Venice Giulia e VenetThe the protocols to be signed with the Regions are ready for signature. Confindustria Alto Adriatico in particular has always been a step forward, even when it came to organizing tampons in the company. “We have an agreement with the Red Cross and with the general practitioners’ cooperatives. Obviously we coordinated with the outgoing commissioner for the Covid emergency Domenico Arcuri who had given us the green light. Now we are sharing the text of the protocol with the Friuli Venezia Giulia region », they explain to Confindustria Alto Adriatico, specifying that the confederal trade union was also involved in the match.
Also in Veneto the comparison with the Region is at an advanced stage. “We have made ourselves available to the administration to speed up the vaccination process as much as possible – says the president of Confindustria Veneto Enrico Carraro -. I would say that our protocol should be defined soon too. Of course, the important thing is that the vaccines arrive ». In Lombardy the territories of Brescia and Bergamo are moving. In Brescia 184 companies made themselves available. Confindustria Bergamo says it is “available”. But even here the reference point is the Region. “We wrote to the Minister of Health, the Region and the association of competent doctors who work in the company. Our goal would be to share an operational plan with these three interlocutors ”, says Marco Bonometti, president of Confindustria Lombardia. Meanwhile, Confindustria Puglia wrote to health councilor Pier Luigi Lopalco making himself available but for now there has been no reply.

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pros and cons

In this multiplication of availability offers, in reality there is no shortage of difficulties. First: vaccines that must be stored at very low temperatures (Pfizer, Moderna) can hardly be managed in companies. In companies, then, people belonging to the so-called “band 6” will be able to get vaccinated, that of adults who do not belong to particular risk categories, in practice the last in order of priority (and time). Business involvement can work for large companies but less so for small or very small ones. It is also true that vaccination centers could be set up in industrial districts. Beyond the Regions, at this point, the evaluation of the new commissioner of the Draghi government for the Covid emergency, General Figliuolo, will be fundamental. Certainly one of the nodes is the lack of health personnel. In this sense, the competent doctors of the companies could be useful.

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