Gaia Lucariello, who Simone Inzaghi’s wife: fashion entrepreneur, friend of Alessia Marcuzzi, saved the life of a little girl in 2017

Simone Inzaghi tested positive for coronavirus, so much so that on Wednesday morning, April 7, the Lazio coach did not direct the training. thus his signature on the new contract with the Lotito club expected in these days slipped. When he is negativizzer, unless surprises, he will sign an agreement until 2024. To reveal the name of the Lazio positive, however, it was not the club but Gaia Lucariello, Inzaghi’s wife. it was she who did it with a post: All infected in the family. We are fine and in isolation, the wife wrote. Who can count just over 86 thousand followers on their Instagram profile.

April 8, 2021 | 09:11


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