Gianfranco Fini, social photo with Francesco Storace. Lunch is an ancient partnership “that cannot be forgotten” –

The initial instinct is what leads straight to “oh my God, is it really them?”. Then, when you understand that it is really them, it is impossible not to think of those partnerships that are suddenly reformed after great breakups, because the distant past is stronger than the near past, and therefore you can build on it a present and perhaps a future. Like Franco Franchi and Ciccio Ingrassia who made peace on live TV in front of Pippo Baudo, like Stallio and Ollio who got back together for a last tour – two close-knit couples who were then broken and then recomposed – so Gianfranco Fini e Francesco Storace they return to see each other after years.

The leader and the communication man, the architect of the Italian right-wing turnaround in Fiuggi and the man who carried around the word, the “message” made person and his “messenger”. The photo was published by Storace on Twitter. “At lunch with a boss,” writes the former president of the Lazio Region, now deputy director of The weather, which carefully chooses the capital C. «With Gianfranco Fini I worked side by side and then I fought him. But the value of a loyal relationship is neither forgotten nor denied in good times and worst. And today two hours at lunch have flown away with the affection of the time », he adds.

The last time they exchanged messages in public it happened late in the evening, also on Twitter, like those ex-boyfriends who miss a night message which they later regret. “Francesco, let’s start over from the Foundation”, wrote Fini at 11:46 pm on November 14, 2014. “I have a thousand doubts, Gianfranco”, replied Storace. Then the void, evidently followed by a flame – the reference to the symbol of the Social Movement and the National Alliance is anything but accidental – which perhaps never went out. Today it is found in the symbol of Fratelli d’Italia, the party of Giorgia Meloni, in whose political biography the chapters “Fini” and “Storace” are anything but lateral. They both believed in her, even though they did it at two different times. And neither did it today, as the star of the former AN youth leader shines in the polls. But this has little to do, perhaps, with a reunion that warms the hearts of the followers of the Second Republic, whether they are right or center-right, it matters little.

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The one thin, the other robust; one shy, the other beyond any conceivable human idea of ​​extroversion; one who then embraced the path of the right of government, the other anchored to the social right; the one laziale, the other ultra Romanist: not negligible details of the protagonists of one of those political loves that, as Venditti sang, do not end. On the contrary, they make huge turns. And then they come back.

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