Giani-Rossi, total clash on the tanneries: “You defended the rule”, “No, your filth”

Attacks the governor in office: “The Rossi junta had defended that rule.” Counterattacks the former governor: “The fault lies with the Regional Council, which made a mess.” Giani against Rossi, Rossi against Giani. The political clash over the responsibilities for the amendment ended at the center of the investigation of the district anti-mafia Directorate, which investigates the infiltration of the ‘Ndrangheta in Tuscany and the industrial discharges of the tanneries, has reached the highest level. Precisely on the day in which the law is definitively canceled by the assembly, a very harsh exchange of accusations is staged between the president of the Region and his predecessor. Enrico Rossi had already rejected the poisoned ball of the paternity of the act in the field of the Council, at the time chaired by Giani himself.

And perhaps this is why Giani went to the lunge yesterday: «To Rossi I only reply that the facts speak for me. The Rossi junta, when the government challenged the rule before the Constitutional Court, made its own counter-arguments: it therefore defended it instead of deciding, for example, to modify or withdraw it. I – continues the governor in office – I said that the amendment, which I remember had no practical effect and has nothing to do with the Keu problem, had to be removed for clarity and I did, which no political group he proposed and did after the session of the Regional Council dedicated to the topic. The facts are that I removed that amendment. And this is what I will also say in the classroom ». But Rossi doesn’t like it and re-launches: «Maybe Giani doesn’t know how to read. If necessary, I will send him the legal documents. Our counter-arguments, at the time, defended the mixed nature of purification plants, industrial and civil wastewater. This is – says the former president of Tuscany – the part of the law that holds on all program agreements. It applies to four industrial districts in this region. This is the part that they – concludes Rossi referring to who presented the amendment – have put the law just canceled at the head, it is not even clear why ». Then the poisonous queue for his successor, the same one he sat next to in the final days of last summer’s election campaign: «Comrade Giani should know. That crap made by the Council with the amendment is without justification. Needhe would defend things well done and take note of the bullshit done. I am not angry with him, but I would expect there to be at least some gratitude for the work done by the junta that contributed decisively to his election. He should defend that job. ”

Meanwhile, after the long discussion in the classroom yesterdayi the vote of the regional council has been postponed to today on the bill that cancels the offending amendment, the one concerning industrial waste from tanneries. Presenting the deed, the chairman of the Environment Commission Lucia De Robertis (Pd) said that ““ the two sessions dedicated to the examination of the provision offered all the space for the required investigations. The result was a comparison that revealed the linearity of the choice shared between the regional council and the Council to overcome article 12 of the law approved last May ». A “linearity” that, on the other hand, did not exist, judging by the clash that emerged between Giani and Rossi, in the previous mandate to advise. An argument that yesterday also agitated the members of the Council: all the interventions of the opposition focused on the political contradictions of the majority and did not fail to quote the words spoken by Enrico Rossi in recent days, in addition to the difficulties in managing the debate within of the ruling party, the Pd. That just yesterday, in the group meeting that preceded the meeting of the Council, saw a further hard battle on the issue take place. Certainly the latest in chronological order, but equally undoubtedly not the definitive one.

Another significant round will be that of the party leadership, called by Simona Bonafè for next week. The meeting will focus precisely on the attempt to bring order to the clash that has placed party members against each other, inevitably weakening government action.


May 26, 2021 | 06:32


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