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The adventure begins with a semi-final conquered in tranquility by swimming his battery in 1’58 ” 48, second behind the ceca Semanova who in 1’58 ” 25 marks the best overall time trial; behind the 21-year-old from Prague there is the francese Bonnet – class of ’95, outgoing champion and continental bronze in London 2016 – in 1’58 ” 33. The other to watch is the Englishman Anderson, born in 2001. Three generations in the water. Federica is satisfied: «I didn’t push hard, trying not to waste too much energy, I did what we wanted to do this morning – the first words -. I decided to compete in the 200 because, before the Olympics, I won’t be able to do three rounds again, including heats, semifinals and the final ». Appointment this afternoon for the semifinal. On the other hand, this is his home. A territory where before he did not let anyone enter, but at 32 even the Divine has had to adapt to the changing times: «They have speeded up a lot, now you have to go fast to 100, at the cost of paying a little in the second part. We will see the semifinal, for now I have done what we promised ourselves ». Among the best sixteen is Stefania Pirozzi who returns under two minutes.

Also in the semifinals Alberto Razzetti in the mixed 200: swims smoothly in 1’58 ” 90 which is worth the seventh time, with an excellent 33 ” 57 in the breaststroke and a good finish in 28 ” 98 in the last 50 freestyle (at the Absolutes did 1’57 ” 13). They pass the round in the 200 butterfly Ilaria Cusinato starring and Antonella Crispino on the razor’s edge.

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