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“Let’s fix the course.” This is the meaning of the message that Pier Luigi Bersani brought to Prime Minister Mario Draghi in the 40-minute meeting at Palazzo Chigi. The noble father of the center left has a bond of friendship with the former president of the ECB, since the first was Minister of Industry first and then Transport (1996-2001) and the second Director General of the Treasury.

The second suggestion is that the government should “communicate the meaning of its choices.” What if Draghi is convinced that the facts must speak, the former secretary of the Democratic Party thinks that “The facts cannot be explained by themselves”. On the battle between aperturists and penalty takers, Bersani invites the prime minister to clearly say to the Italians that “in April we are playing for the possibility of carrying out a vaccination campaign that will allow us a sustainable summer”, if instead a relaxation of the measures were to trigger the fourth wave to May, “we should say goodbye to summer”. Given the protests and social tensions, Bersani urged Draghi to explain the reasons for tough decisions such as the cancellation of the yellow zones and to communicate “the sense of a collective effort”. Citizens, traders, entrepreneurs and workers should indicate “a road map for the next few months” and show, while sacrifices are still being asked, that there really is light at the end of the tunnel: “Explain the meaning of what it does the government is not up to a minister, but to the government itself ”.

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In face to face there was also time to talk about Recovery, growth and exit from the economic crisis, because Bersani is convinced that the government should take some strong initiative with respect to the management of emergencies only, starting with the tax reforms and union representation. Support for the categories penalized by the pandemic “must be concentrated and strengthened with a further and significant budget variance and with interventions that do not refer to turnover, but to profits”.

The blocking of layoffs it must continue for the time necessary to set up other social safety nets and to carry out the vaccination campaign. And secured credit policies need to be extended. Finally, on Astrazenreca and the vaccination campaign that does not take off, Bersani encouraged the premier to continue pressing on the top of Europe “so that they make an even more energetic supply policy”.

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