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from Valerio Cappelli, sent to Venice

The director at the Mostra shows the first images of the work with Cristiana Capotondi and Luca Argentero which will be released in eight episodes on Disney +

Beyond the strip of land at the Arsenale, from the water surrounding the Campari Boat floating platform, Ferzan Ozpetek Talks about The ignorant fairies, that gave him honors and glory, on which no one was ready to bet a penny: That film cleared certain relationships, says Ferzan. Twenty years have passed. He just finished filming, taken from that work, the tv series (much awaited) for Disney +, co-produced with Tilde Corsi and Gianni Romoli, creators of that inspired film.

In Venice he shows the first images: here Luca Argentero hugged to Cristiana Capotondi, and then we see him on the bed next to the naked body of Eduardo Scarpetta (great-grandson of the playwright and actor at the center of Qui rido io, Mario Martone’s competing film). I fell artistically in love with Eduardo, he will become a star – says Ozpetek – not a Bambi-style Disney. And then here is Scarpetta kissing with Cristiana Capotondi, while Anna Ferzetti is with Ambra Angiolini who says: With Ferzan I feel alive, with him you don’t need to act, even when you don’t want to take everything, the only man I’ve never said to: I don’t do this. I’ve waited a long time to get your trust. Then came “Saturn against”.

Also Cristiana Capotondi a yeswoman with Ferzan, who says of her: She eats like a real truck driver and has infinite patience, you can tell her that she has to jump from the second floor and she throws herself. The title did not like the distribution, continues the director who knows best how to speak freely to the belly of the viewer. The ignorant fairies was the name of a painting by Magritte, but the name of the surrealist genius in the film was fictitiously changed to Joseph Lanti; it was actually painted by Ozpetek at the time of high school, and began the wanderings of Antonia, who was personified by Margherita Buy.

Here is the first vicissitude of the project. One day Margherita told me that she was pregnant and that she would have to give up the film. We did not lose heart with Gianni Romoli. We changed the script. It was not the only inconvenience. He went out quietly, there was no faith in the film. Soon the 50 copies rose to 300. It remained in theaters for eight months. You, Ferzan, at what point were you in your adventure in cinema? I was from “The turkish bath” which I shot in five weeks and nobody liked it until it went to the Cannes Film Festival, the Quinzaine. Then came Harem Suare, which I made in Turkey. It went bad. At that point I wanted to make a film at my house, in the Ostiense district of Rome, where there was an atmosphere that no longer exists. I was in the phone book, people rang the intercom and went up. There had not yet been the attack on the Twin Towers, we had a different view of the world.

The famous lunches at his home as a municipality. We went to the set in the morning and in the evening we didn’t want to leave. I sent the script to Margherita Buy and Stefano Accorsi, who came from the success of “The Last Kiss”. The ignorant fairies the story of Antonia, a woman devastated by the untimely loss of her husband. He discovers that he had a lover, Michele. A trauma that leads her to know a world unknown to her, populated by a living humanity far from respectability. Antonia will become friends with Michele. The Serie for Disney will be in eight episodes, four shot by Ozpetek and four by Gianluca Mazzella, his long-time collaborator for over twenty years. Some characters have remained, others will be added. In the cast there is the fetish actress of Ozpetek, Serra Yilmaz, who on the Lido throws herself into a gentle dance with the choreographer Luca Tommasini while Cristiana Capotondi dances with Ambra Angiolini.

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