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from Valerio Cappelli

The great actor, who passed away a year ago, plays Santa Claus. His partner on set: Leave me a message on his cell phone saying that he was still living on the mend. It was a gift to spend time with him.

Gigi is gone. Then I see it there, on the screen, next to me…. Marco Giallini was, on the set, the last classmate of Gigi Proietti. The movie fantasy comedy I am Santa Claus by Edoardo Falcone and after the preview at the Film Festival (starting today with Jessica Chastain) will be released by Lucky Red on November 3, the day before the anniversary of the birth and death of the great actor.

Giallini a former convict with a ramshackle and turbulent life who finds himself in the house of Gigi Proietti as a robber. He has no valuables, on the 24th evening he wears all red, a white beard. Giallini takes, Proietti d: Santa Claus. And this film is Gigi’s latest gift to the public. I learned from him since I didn’t know him – says Giallini -, it was a privilege to spend that time together, he had become like a father. He wasn’t well, you could see it but I didn’t believe it up to that point. When the director exclaimed Motor, Gigi seemed to be 20, I know it sounds rhetorical but that’s it.

In the film Giallini he has an ex-wife played by Barbara Ronchi: Gigi told me about his Globe Theater, theHamlet what he wanted to do. Did he also tell you about his regret at having had little from cinema? It was not a worry for not much, replies Giallini. And the director: He was sorry but it was a wound that had healed over time.

Gigi was a popular and intellectual storyteller, an acrobat who went from Mandrake to Kean, spent the nights with friends and colleagues singing, telling jokes, of which he had a cult: do you know that …? He did it with us too, says Falcone. Giallini remembers one of the last messages that Proietti, joking about his health conditions, sent him on his cell phone: I still live in the process of healing. It is Santa Claus, here, who writes a letter (to Giallini): Try to love yourself even if no one has ever taught you.

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