here are the blue hopes of Olympic athletics-

from Gaia Piccardi, sent to Tokyo

The greatest spectacle of the Olympics is the athletics that takes place on the weekend, starting the races on the Italian night between Thursday and Friday

The jumps of baby Duplantis and the rush Barshim. The eternal US-Jamaica duels in the sprint, with the island of speed and coffee defended only by women, and Kenya-Ethiopia in the prolonged middle distance. The obstacles of Warholm. Crouser launches. The greatest spectacle of the Olympics is the athletics that shoots over the weekend, firing its bullets immediately: 10 thousand tomorrow (with Crippa), 100 women on Saturday (Fraser monument to be demolished), 100 men on Sunday (Bromell, Baker or Kerley?). The water of swimming ends and the party of all the countries of the world begins in the deserted Olympic stadium: it will be surreal to run under 10 ”in the pneumatic vacuum or perhaps it will favor the penetration into the air, who knows. Within a postponed and pandemic Olympics, athletics arrives with its ship full of stars, the generation that already at the Doha World Cup began to sew the tear of Bolt’s farewell; let’s expect confirmations, surprises, perhaps some world records that we will be four cats to applaud.

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It is on the tartan of the track, on the pitching lawn and in the jumping hole that Italy experiences its most ruthless confrontation with others, superpowers and micro-nations, the pool has a perimeter that athletics rejects: anyone who knows running is invited to participate. We arrive in Tokyo with the largest contingent ever, 76 blues (41 men and 35 women), a mix of veterans, certainties and terrible kids from the U23 European Championships, the presence of all five relays, including the novelty, affects the total. of the mixed one, and it is no coincidence that tonight (qualification starting at 2.15 Italian time) the first to go on stage is the only one for which Tokyo 2020 has been a magnificent obsession for five years. Missed Rio due to injury, Gimbo Tamberi search among the pitfalls (the Russians Ivanyuk and Akimenko, the Belarusian Nedasekau, the Qatari Barshim and the American Harrison) the medal, possibly gold, that repays him for every pound of meat sacrificed in pursuit of the dream of a lifetime. “It is the most important appointment of my existence – he confirms -, I put athletics in front of everything with the aim of returning to the top”. TOTAL MEDALS

Tamberi, who on the eve of his departure for Japan asked his girlfriend Chiara’s hand in a video that went around the web, has just returned from retiring Tokorozawa, where he arrived first. He knows that the qualification will be a race within the race (“Almost all members have the opportunity to reach the final: after all, with access set at 2.33, it could not be otherwise”), he worked with a sleep specialist to be reactive in the early morning, he has returned from an excellent indoor season (European silver in Glasgow), fluctuating outdoors, the absence of typhus does not help a social animal like Gimbo who will have to fish within himself the resources to make up for the public stimulus.

The captain’s jumps will direct the Olympics of Italy, called to remove the zero of Rio from the medal box (the march to Sapporo, suspect number one), to place young people in the finals, authorized to dream of the first historic finalist in the 100 meters thanks to the velvet muscles of that Marcell Jacobs that on May 13th he blew the sprint record from Tortu (9 ”95) and that in Montecarlo he got behind De Grasse, Bromell and Kerley. In anticipation of a hot autumn, a hot Olympics is welcome, thank you.

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