Here is «Maradona Experience», with the stadium open day and night

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The project carried out by a staff of young collaborators of the councilor Clemente with tourist routes dedicated to the Pibe, a monument and the museum at Campo Paradiso

of Paolo Cuozzo

It is called Maradona Experience. the social project that the Municipality of Naples is working on to network, remember and honor Dieguit, making it become a permanent heritage of the city. In practice, making Naples the city of Maradona in the world. A project that revolves around the Maradona stadium as the main driving force of a series of initiatives that can also generate work for young people, also returning symbols to the city, for example with the technical redevelopment of the former sports center in via Vicinale Paradiso for the creation of the Maradona Museum. A small team of young Neapolitan managers and professionals dedicated to the project – many work in the North – who supports Alessandra Clemente, municipal councilor who has the delegation of Toponymy, who intends to involve all council colleagues in the Maradona Experience, obviously starting from the councilor at Sport Ciro Borriello.

The idea was born in the days in which the race to burn the times begins and to name the San Paolo stadium after the Pibe. The Maradona Experience consists of various activities that include tourist routes between the significant places of Maradona’s 7 years in Naples and the exploits of the city team, developing mainly in the districts of Fuorigrotta, Soccavo and the Spanish Quarters. In the area of ​​the stadium, or right inside the stadium itself, a statue of Maradona should be made with paths for children, a visit to the museum, the stands, the changing rooms and the field with the possibility of setting up the initiative ” Score goals with your champions ”for the youngest visitors, involving old Napoli stars.

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Therefore, there are two main locations to give life to the Maradona Experience: the Maradona stadium and the Paradiso field. The Municipality of Naples intends to enhance the proprietary system, granted for use by Naples limited to the carrying out of match events. Starting from the fact that the stadium will never have to sleep. This must always remain open to intercept the football passion for Naples, for Maradona and for the city. The aim of the project to make it a monument – we read in the 18 study pages – can be visited in the city like Capodimonte or the San Severo Chapel. Therefore, it is essential that there is a monument for Diego and a permanent museum of relics, as well as a photographic archive with the memories of the fans. The management of everything there should be entrusted by means of a tender to a youth cooperative. Obviously, without hindering the sporting activity of Napoli in compliance with the convention.

For young people, the goal envisaged by the Municipality is that they can create job opportunities and that the immense pain for the loss of Diego be transformed into development, happiness and passion. In this way, the technicians of the commissioner Clemente believe, he will be able to improve the image of Naples in the world also by creating an association that reinvests the profits of the various activities in educational projects inclusive of poor neighborhoods. What Palazzo San Giacomo calls in the studio inclusive projects, managed by the public for the public. To exist, the Maradona Experience must be able to count on public and private funds, necessary for the management of services. Nodale, a real crowdfunding on a global level without ignoring license agreements with technical sponsors already established on the Campania market. The project also reads that those who have Naples in their hearts should do their part, as well as the players who could make donations.

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The project is based on statistics that speak of an estimated potential of 16 million Neapolitan fans in the world, with the Maradona stadium that would also be visited by non-Napoli fans. And by intercepting even just one percent of visitors per year, at an average cost of a visit of 10 euros, an average annual turnover of 1.6 million would be reached. Obviously, the Maradona stadium would always be open and always free for poor children. At Palazzo San Giacomo they also made an initial evaluation of the costs for the realization of this project: they are estimated at 6 million, essential for the realization of the museum, the monument of Maradona, the adaptation of the existing structures, a dedicated signage with Safe and clean in the stadium; the hiring of new staff and the re-employment of staff currently in redundancy in the investee companies; play area for children, possibly exploiting – writes the team of designers – also the connections with the activity carried out at Edenlandia; incentives for the creation of services such as catering and dedicated shops; structures supporting the organization. The disappearance of the champion of champions – reads the body of the project – must be intercepted by Naples as what Diego has always wanted to perpetuate: the redemption of the city and its young people. Something that in Naples would serve to replicate the Sanit model – writes Alessandra Clemente – at the stadium: the realization of the Maradona Experience at the city temple, entrusting everything to a cooperative of young people under the legal and civic protection of the Municipality of Naples.

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A decisive role in the realization of the Maradona Experience should be played by the subsidiaries of the Municipality for the development – the case of the Anm – of the itinerant route of the Maradona Experience within the local public transport system with Line 6 of the underground and the stop ” Stadium D10 ”and a two-shuttle Soccavo-Stadium connection. And again: the spaces of the Mostra d’Oltremare could be enhanced to integrate the Maradona Experience, providing a conference center with the proposal to host the presentation of the annual “Football Report” edited by the FIGC and other cultural and sporting events of national and local importance ; in addition to the restaurant services of the hotel present in the exhibition that can be relaunched. The list of possible initiatives evaluated by the Municipality for a day of the Maradona Experience is long: it ranges from tasting Neapolitan and Argentine mixed dishes to pizza and pasta, up to asado and street food. In addition to initiatives such as “Have breakfast with your champions” with the possibility of staying overnight near the stadium. It is essential for the project that an agreement is reached with local producers for the creation of gadgets. If everything becomes reality, Maradona would have worked yet another miracle for the city that loved him and that does everything to make it eternal.

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