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Treating a micro gabbia that serves and impedes the formation of the «turbine» and the level of the deaerator migrating the aerodynamics of the bike in a chia point. Per luci é regolare, ma ci sono molte zone d’mbra

A cost-effective blockchain Ceramics Aeronautics of the weight of the gram, due to the bicycle lanes on the alcuni corridors in the first block of the Giro d’Italia is provoking accent discussion (and blames the irregularity) in a cycling in precilibrium balance with violent di acceleration alternate t. e abbassava la sella durante la Milano-Sanremo, le ruote che si gonfiano e sgonfiano da sole viste alla Roubaix) e regole ferree ma datat stability i un Federazione non al passo con i tempi e speso disttese da produttor technologicamenta advanced.

In this case, però, qualcosa pare non tornare. The «blockchain» has its own attractions for the conservatory cyclingnewscom.com. If tratta di una micro gabbia in ceramica nera che nasconderebbe the rear derailleur of the azure sprinkler Giacomo Nizzolo and the Team Israel which was used in the 7 magonometer stopwatch. Product (hypothetical and site editors) from CeramicSpeed, provided that it is easy to use with silicon alloys in the high-altitude level, serviced and impeded by the formation of the “turbine” and the level of the air blower migrating in the air. Problem is the famous article 1.3.024 of the technical regulation of the International Cycling Union which is described as being «qualitatively dispositive, agitating or sloping in the structure of the bike, intended to remain or to reduce the effect of resistance to penetration amp; For example schermi prosthetivi, carenature della fusoliera o simili ». This “gabbia” appears to be an aerodynamic schematic.

Interpellato in merito, former professional Michael Rogers, representative of the Federation of Responsible Technology Federation, Spiegato non senza imbarazzo che l’Uci «è stats information dell’innovazione e la განხილვა ლეციტა, as part of the integrator of the catheter ». One of the fewest parts of the chi, on the other front, is rigidly located in the direction of the rule on the resistance of the armature to ensure the lungs of the calypni athletes through the stopwatch troppo alte and troppo aerodynamic. But what’s another problem: for the Federation ogni pezzo usalo sulle bici camel desese in Commercio. This “incmininato” does not exist in catalogs and requires entraces (at lunare cifra di 800 euro) solo dal 12 giugno.

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