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The Belgian Nico Favresse known not only for its exploits in Patagonia or Greenland but also for being the climber-musician. Often he brings his little guitar to height, mountains and melodies as sides of the same coin, the search for harmony with himself and with the environment. exactly what emerges from the short and funny short film that tells the typical day of this light-hearted athlete. It’s called An ordinary day for Nico Favresse, created by photographer and film-maker Jan Novak and produced by Scarpa, a leading brand in outdoor footwear, of which Favresse is ambassador.


The short manages to show Nico’s sensitivity and commitment. Sustainability – explains Nico al Courier service – for me a continuous learning process, which is based on the link between my actions and the impacts they have on the planet. It is essential for me to be aware of what I do, so as to start and reflect on my ecological footprint and adapt my activities accordingly.. He says he is lucky and lives in places that allow him to cultivate his passions: On foot I can reach magnificent places within 30 minutes where you can practice climbing, even on ice, skiing and paragliding. A perfect symbiosis was born with Scarpa: Being supported by a brand like this makes me feel part of the change: the company has been the most sustainable of most footwear companies for many years. The Green Manifesto of which the company is the spokesperson communicates a clear message, at the same time giving an example to other footwear realities to change the rules of business in a more sustainable way.

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Confirmation Sandro Parisotto, president of the Asolo company: Sustainability and respect for the environment are values ​​that have always been part of our DNA. In general, for us, sustainability requires a 360-degree approach, from the energy supply of the plants to the production processes used, without forgetting the search for the most environmentally friendly materials. The Green Manifesto fits into this context, a programmatic commitment that engages the brand. Among the first initiatives – adds Parisotto – it was decided to train all the staff of the Italian office on sustainable innovation issues, and a group of 16 Sustainability Ambassadors, distributed in every company function, available to employees for any questions regarding sustainability. Furthermore, starting from January 2020, 100% of the electricity used in Italy comes from certified renewable sources, making it possible to neutralize the production of a quantity of CO2 of about 1000 tons every year. These are the first steps in a program that will make Scarpa increasingly at the forefront of sustainable practices, also through the launch in 2021 of new highly eco-friendly products.

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