“I know myself by heart. I have been reborn many times »- Corriere.it

from Stefania Ulivi, sent to Venice

The singer is the protagonist of the film directed by Elisa Fuksas Senza fine, presented at the Venice Days

I thought I was dying but I am not dead and here I am. Ornella Vanoni jokes but not too much, protagonist today at the Giornate degli authors, where Senza fine, the film directed by Elisa Fuksas that confronts her myth, was greeted by a heartfelt standing ovation. Applause and laughter for the singer, 86 years of talent, passion and irony that she poured into the film, shot at the beginning of the summer in a beauty farm at the Terme di Castrocaro. The idea – said the director – came to a mutual friend, the producer Malcom Pagani. It doesn’t claim to be a definitive film about her, it couldn’t. the fruit of our meeting, as rickety as we are. Born doing it. Ornella a force of nature, as if she were 24 years old. But it was she who pushed me, she told me that talent without courage is useless and I dared to ask her unheard of things.

In the role of a mermaid

Like shooting night scenes in the hotel pool imagining it as a mermaid. Her first time as an actress, albeit as herself. But already at work with a new film, which he still does not talk about. I didn’t act with Elisa. I made myself. In some moments I thought of dying. Exactly, like going around the pool after dinner. Are we crazy? I told her. But he convinced me because Elisa is crazier than me. I have been generous. How to be Ornella Vanoni? I live with myself quite well, I know myself by heart. I have been reborn many times. After the great depressions that were not lacking, instead of going to pieces, I came up with an idea for a record or a show. Senza fine, produced by Tenderstories, Wildside and Indiana, some friends of the great artist appear: Paolo Fresu, Samuele Bersani, Vinicio Capossela. The common thread, of course, the songs. I can’t choose just one, why should I? They change every time you sing them, depending on your mood. In the film he confesses that he does not understand why one of the most loved songs in his repertoire is L’Appuntamento, such a sad song. Probably the opening sentence, “I’ve been wrong many times”, makes everyone identify with us, including 10-year-olds. She happened to be wrong, she says. For example when Toni Renis insisted on making me sing Grande grande grande. He didn’t convince me, he insisted, you’ll see it will be a success. And, in fact, Mina sang it and it was a great success.

Awarded for a soundtrack when the soundtrack is me

How do you see Italy? Our country which I call homeland. Needless to remember that it has the most beautiful cultural assets in the world. The problem as conducted and how the Italians behave. All anti-French but at least they made the revolution, we are soft asses. He has no doubts about vaccines and green passes: It must be mandatory, as it was for polio. I do not understand the novax and neither the positions of my friend Cacciari. What freedom can there be in someone who says: it is better to die of Covid than of a vaccine ?. Here at the Lido he also received an award, the Soundtrack Star Award, now in its ninth edition (which also awarded Gabriele Mainetti and Michele Braga for Freaks out). Strange to be awarded a score for a soundtrack when the soundtrack is me, he joked. The irony, on the other hand, its blatant weapon: I need to be with people who understand the lines. Not easy, you have to understand them one by one, like green beans.

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