“I, sworn at the Locarno Film Festival, will listen to the feelings” – Corriere.it

from Maurizio Porro

The actress: «If I had to judge my films? Premierei “Taste of the sea” and “A perfect day” »

Isabella Ferrari, judged and awarded in 40 years of career, including the Coppa Volpi in Venice for “The novel of a poor young man” di Scola in ’95, this time she allows herself the luxury of being the juror at the 74th Locarno Film Festival which opens on August 4th with «Beckett».

It is not the first time, he points out: «I have been sworn twice in Venice, once in Marrakech, of which I remember the stern presence of director Kiarostami according to which we jurors hardly had to look at each other so as not to influence us even with a glance».

At Locarno Ferrari immediately said yes: «It is a free festival, young by definition and without the superstructure of glamor that is often a burden that annoys. I prefer the exciting breath of the Piazza Grande to the red carpet, where you immediately understand if the public agrees or not, if they are moved or irritated, have fun or get bored ». Guest many years ago with a French film, Ferrari returns to Locarno happy to be able to take a dip in reality after two years of sofas and platforms: fears. I can’t wait to be in front of the majestic screen under the stars, part of a community that favors the culture of cinema ».

The actress who, after a brief starlet apprenticeship, it was launched in 83 by the Vanzina in the cult “Taste of sea”, it does not hide that it is a real job as well as a real privilege. “I arrive with my small notebook where I will write the impressions to be memorized, feelings are important to me, they are the first commandment, so much so that I was very moved by seeing the new Bellocchio who talks about his family, whose origins I share being born in Ponte dell’Oglio, Piacenza ». But some remnants of anxiety Ferrari packs it: having to understand and judge.

By the way, if she were to be sworn in her career, what prizes would you give? «The Pardo as best film would go to “Great beauty” di Sorrentino, but with a special mention to “Themes “ by De Maria. My best performance for me is the one in Ozpetek’s film “A perfect day”, for which I unjustly escaped, I say, Donatello’s David. For the best direction I would like to point out “Goodbye”, love hello, while the best blockbuster goes to “Saturn against”, but the public’s Golden Leopard certainly belongs to “Taste of sea”».

And while packing, the actress shoots the last take from “My shadow and yours»By Eugenio Cappuccio, with Marco Giallini, taken from the book by Edoardo Nesi:« I am the great love of a writer’s whole life, it is a work on nostalgia, which teaches how to keep passions alight ». The passion for cinema pushes Isabella to 10 days of cinephile cloister instead of sea flavors: “We need to think about the sense of right, I remember the discussions with Kiarostami for an Italian film, the stimulating problem is that the measuring meters are always personal . How nice, for a few days I close the doors to fake, social, fiction and immerse myself in a qualified reality with jurors from different cultures. If there is a criterion of judgment? The truth, there is nothing more revolutionary ». Pay attention to the Italian film by Angius? “Pay attention to everyone, I go open to every suggestion and proposal, it will be a beautiful journey”.

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