Ibanez goal three minutes from the end, the Giallorossi take the victory in comeback – Corriere.it

The last Italian remaining in the race in Europe wins an important and almost unexpected victory. it was a goal from a pure striker by the defender Ibanez to give the triumph to Roma, who up to that point had suffered and suffered on the Ajax pitch. After an initial pressure from the lancers, the challenge had remained in great balance since Roma, with a free kick deflected into the net by the Dutch goalkeeper, had grabbed the equalizer. Klaassen’s first goal was actually a kind homage from the Giallorossi defense, for an unfortunate lightening pass by Diawara that was too slow and easily intercepted by the Dutch midfielder. Ajax could then have easily closed the game thanks to a penalty that Roma goalkeeper Pau Lopez intercepted. The rest was done by a magnificent control in the area and a very precise shot by Ibanez.

April 8, 2021 (change April 8, 2021 | 22:52)


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