If quality is not enough to hide the limits

twelve o’clock, May 4, 2021 – 09:33 am

of Monica Scozzafava

The vices and virtues of a team built to easily aspire to the noble areas of the standings and then ended up fighting point to point with three (bar four) competitors in fourth place. Napoli, although a quality team in the completeness of the squad, continues to have limits of personality and structural characteristics. always the result that makes the difference, and so sometimes you lose sight of the performance and above all the way of managing the phases of the game. For two months this is a group that tries to go at a thousand per hour but when it fails it ends up giving the field to the opponents. Unthinkable to go faster and faster, where are the countermeasures? Paradoxically, it also happened on the Turin field two Monday ago, one of the best matches of the season. Meret had been the author of a miraculous parade and Osimhen had become the protagonist of a rescue on the line. Episodes and more: it is not always possible to run more, reasoning and not getting nervous would be more useful and more profitable. How not to always give in to the instinct to defend oneself by attacking. Against Cagliari the referee put his part in it, but the wasted opportunities, also an ancient vice, compromised the result. There are the numbers to make the picture even clearer: Napoli is the team that pulls the most in the five main European leagues: 16.9 per game. The average drops to 6 and the goals should be more. These numbers are close to Bayern Munich, Barcelona and Atalanta who have scored more goals than the Azzurri. Between the championship and the Europa League, Sunday’s was the third draw suffered in injury time, the two against Sassuolo and Cagliari could prove to be heavy. Four points lost against three earned (1 with Torino, 2 with Udinese) in the final minutes. But everything is still at stake: Naples is the master of its own destiny, but quality will have to hide its vices well.

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May 4, 2021 | 09:33


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