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from Maurizio Porro

The new Netflix production is a beautiful thriller that investigates the power of the web

“Clickbait”, exit Click, on Netflix, the real thriller of our days based on social media and on the dangers of virtual games that can kill a person with a click. Not only for bullying or for the exhibitionism and sexual machinations but also, as happens in the “Click Baits”, a real thriller in which until the last one it is hypothesized who could be the culprit and it must be said that the final gimmick is really a surprise. Whodunit? Who did it?

The social facts are these: A video of a man, Nick Brewer, an esteemed sports physiotherapist who has temporarily disappeared, appears on the web, showing signs in which he confesses to having raped women and also to having killed them. When this notice reaches 5 million shares, the man will die, announces the latest sign. Threat or confession? Who, how, why? In the web page you can insert a hyperlink that prompts the user to enter and comment on a certain news most often scandalous, then prepare a news that can attract to steal clicks from the opponents. Whether this is true or false today is no longer important as in this case in which a little at a time, through the investigation of the man’s sister, who is obviously killed and whose body is found by a police detective, of the wife who he discovers he has had a lover, and of the two teen ager sons that it turns out will have a specific weight in the story that halfway seems to have found a fake solution, that of the end of the first half. Then there are other apparitions, women who assure that they were his lovers to validate the violent sexist hypothesis of cheating, while a girl takes her own life and it seems to be the fault of that man. There is a lot of meat on the fire, and sometimes of first choice, such as deciding to place the sister at the center of the investigation and the black widow, almost pushed to want to know about her husband’s alleged betrayals, as if to say that the family balance they are always very precarious and delicate and often rest on a well-orchestrated web of secrets.

We are in Oakland, with a few trips to Los Angeles, the outline of the hysteria of the new media and marketing with fake news and the clickbaiting, while even the old media – photojournalists, TV, the press – as usual organize a big carnival to get more and more scandalous news, harassing the life of the family, including the mother-in-law, which has jumped to the headlines of the crime news. If social media itself is not to blame, its use is often criminal and this beautiful thriller balances the score a little by using the web as a launching pad for a psychological investigation that delves into a family. So two mechanisms, one new and one traditional, which intersect in an intelligent way and with the beautiful directorial gimmick of the Australian series created by Tony Ares and Christian White to put a protagonist in each of the 8 episodes of 50 minutes, as in an ideal passage of witness, including a reporter and the detective entangled in a sentimental suspicion: the sister leaves, the detective, the wife, the mistress, the journalist, the brother and the children leave. Among the actors, all compliant with the climate and the many neuroses in the special offer, Adrian Grenier, the unfortunate protagonist seen in the video, Zoe Kazan (granddaughter of the great director of “Front of the harbor” and “A tram called desire” ), Betty Gabriel as the widow with some adulterous skeleton in the closet.

The creators directors Brad Anderson, Emma Freeman, Ben Young, Cherie Nowlan make sure that this mosaic, this puzzle, is renewed with each episode, changing the point of view. Every time there is someone who looks at the facts but with different eyes, pain and heart: as taught by “Rashomon” and before him Pirandello, the Truth does not exist, even if in this case the mystery comes to fruition with a precise solution that does not admits sequels. By changing the pieces, the game of chess always finds new moves and the multiplication of glances is one of the rich news of this different crime story with two excellent leading actresses. The series, whose moral teaches us to see computer games and videos with different eyes, in turn a clickbait, because it leads us into temptation, playing between real and virtual and with an ending that has to do with both: but the dead do not escape us.

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