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The political leader at the Affari Italiani fair: “The flat tax? Step by step, given the State’s budget”. The duel with Luigi Di Maio “paid to discredit Italy”

He speaks as if he already feels like premier and does it for anow it’s 20 minutes. In the Apulian square that was one of Giuseppe Conte’s public baths, the first evening of the end-of-summer political appointment of Messapian eyebrows — “La Piazza”, in fact — it’s touched a George Meloni. That answering the questions of the director of Italian affairs
Angelo Maria Perrino

trace the program of
that he hopes to lead.

Leaving aside all the brawling – banished from the rest even by the title of the first evening, “Speriamo que si female?” – Melons list priorities of what he hopes may be the first executive led by a woman but “no pink quotas, because space is never due: if you want something you have to work to get it». And he does so not before underlining, in the introduction, a firm point: “If the center-right wins with the affirmation of Fratelli d’Italia I have no reason to believe that Mattarella can take over one different choice compared to my indication” to the premier. “The anomaly was the Monti government which did not come from the choice of the citizens”, he insists, relaunching the presidentialism
the “reform of reforms“on which he promises to be available to “discuss with everyone”.

Meloni’s premise is also one reply to Luigi Di Maio: “I’m not green, I don’t have gills, I don’t feel like a monster. But I realize that attacks like that of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Di Maio, according to which in the event of victory of the center-right in Italy, it would be unleashed “an economic war“, they are fits of despair, of one who is paid to discredit Italy. I have never spoken badly of my nation abroad”. And down applause — a total of forty in 80 minutes
, one every two turns of the needle — on the part of an audience numerically presided over by representatives of the centre-right, from Francesco Paolo SistoUndersecretary for Justice of the outgoing government a Raffaele Fittoaspiring minister of the next executive.

Meloni interrupts only to say hello with “Hello Antonio» the arrival in the square of Tajanithen followed by Flavio Briatore: “Now I’m just a housewife”. And the national coordinator of Forza Italia will return the greeting in his own way: “We have made a commitment and we will keep it: we will support Meloni with great loyalty“. She has no doubts: “I am ready to take on this task eventually, but I won’t do it lightly, no one can do it without trembling wrists. I don’t sleep at night because of the bills.” And then comes up with solutions and proposals: on the bills
the “government in charge can already reduce them by 30% by cutting the state’s burdens“.

The future government, if it will be named Meloni, will abolish it citizenship income
“for what you can’t give 700 euros to a boy able to work e 500 euros to a pensioner“and which money “must be invested to cut the fiscal wedge because that’s how salaries are increased, not with the minimum wage”. As far as fixed feeMeloni also has the strength to differentiate himself from his allies: “We agree, the point is to understand what you can do with the tools available: it is done step by step, given the State budget”, limiting itself to “a flat tax on incremental incomes”. Cyclone Meloni only stopped after 80 minutes: “I lost my voice, it was a telethon, how much did we collect?“. The answer on September 25.

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