“In 2006 in the curve in Berlin, Sunday at home (but then I threw the bikini on the field), the joy is the same” – Corriere.it

of Gabriele Guccione

“Whenever I was agitated in front of the TV, the little guy kicked” says the mayor of Turin pregnant with her second child

Every shot on goal is a kick. But not on the pitch: in the belly. “Whenever I fidgeted in front of the TV, the little guy kicked,” he says Chiara Appendino, 37 years old, waiting to give a little brother to his daughter Sara. The other evening for the European Championship, as fifteen years ago for the World Cup in Berlin, the mayor of Turin could not miss the appointment. Of course, something has changed: on 9 July 2006, the day of the triumph of the Azzurri at the Mundial, he was in the stands of the Olympiastadion. A photo bounced for a strange twist of fate on social media and went viral in recent days portrays her on that occasion, just twenty-two, wearing a bikini, a tricolor boa around her neck and the flags of Italy painted on her cheeks.

This time the super fan Appendino had to be content with following Italy from the living room. “The emotion is the same as always, the one that only sport can make you live”, she acknowledges, even if, as a former football player, she has to admit: Hangers: “In 2006 in Berlin, now in the living room: the joy is the same. But at the stadium it’s something else ». Like the emotion, the company has not changed: «Also on Sunday I followed the game with my husband Marco and a group of friends». And with them, and together with the baby she carries in her womb, she exulted: “Although with all the limits and attention still due to avoid a resurgence of the pandemic – observes the first Turin citizen -, the victory of the collective moment of great joy and, perhaps, also of rebirth ».

Hopefully, Hanger. And rewinds the memory tape to go back to that moment fifteen years ago relaunched by chance from a social profile, «DirettaGoal», along with the question: “Where were you at this time on July 9, 2006?” “At the stadium in Berlin and I would say this photo proves it,” replied the mayor, revealing that she was present among the fans in that shot. And then jokingly, to reply to those who asked her what happened to the bikini: «I threw it on the pitch when Fabio Grosso scored the last penalty and afterwards it was impossible to find him». Grosso: one of the champions of the national team. “Like Buffon, Cannavaro and Pirlo,” recalls the first town. And those of the Wembley triumph? «Bonucci and Chiellini: an impassable wall. And then Church, truly formidable. But in Berlin as in London – assures the sportswoman Appendino – what made the difference was the team spirit, the compactness of the group ».

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