in the minority the clubs in favor of the reform requested by the Figc-

Wednesday the consulting firm Deloitte presented an analysis on the economic impact during the meeting in the case of lowering the number of companies, giving as an example Bundesliga, already with 18 teams, while the League 1 in France it recently approved the downsizing.

Gravina invited the connected presidents to think about the system, in an atmosphere of collaboration. It did not impose revolutions by underlining the moment characterized by an unprecedented economic crisis. He also manifested the willingness to open a permanent table with all components so that each of them presents its own criticisms step by step.

The presidents in the first summit limited themselves to listening even though it seems clear that only a minority group of 5-6 teams would welcome a reduced tournament. After all, starting from 2024 with the introduction of the new format of the Champions League, the clubs usually protagonists in Europe will be called to play an increasing number of matches.

It is obvious that two thirds of Serie A are watching the turning point with apprehension, wondering how many teams would become beneficiaries of the parachute.. But not only that: by playing four games less, income would significantly decrease. The climate of skepticism prevails, even more so in this phase of the economic situation, marked by a loss of 1 billion and 200 million estimated by the League as a result of Covid.

Friday all the members, therefore also Lega di B, Lega Pro, Amateurs, footballers and coaches, will return to meet in Rome in a plenary meeting wanted by President Gravina. Since the orientations of the clubs are very different from each other, Serie A has not expressed a unitary position with which to present themselves to the appointment. It will be the landlord who will introduce the topic but the road to the desired uphill reform.

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