in the square without symbols-

Without party symbols, without even the word League. The demonstration that Matteo Salvini has called for Saturday 19 June in Rome will keep a very low profile on party identity. Because it wants to promote referendums on justice and represent Italy which is starting again with the presence on the stage of some economic categories. But also because the project of the federation of the center-right requires not to put flashy hats on one’s initiatives.

Having said that, yesterday morning the Northern League secretary met the League’s federal council after some time. To give an authentic interpretation, those present report, of the federation project. Salvini explained that for the moment it will only concern the parliamentary groups, with no leaps forward regarding the single party to which, however, he reiterated, “Silvio Berlusconi would be absolutely ready”. To the point that the founder of Forza Italia would have tried to convince Giorgia Meloni to be in the game too.

Salvini explained to reporters that his «is a proposal that concerns the effectiveness of our work. In the coming months we will have to face the tax, justice and bureaucracy reforms. I imagine that in the Pd and M5s there will be a lot of confusion, if we present our proposals in a compact manner, I think it is an added value ». In the background, also the election of the President of the Republic of 2022: a unitary center-right would certainly be a great voter not to be ignored. But from the strength of Giovanni Toti and Luigi Brugnaro comes a no with the voice of Osvaldo Napoli: «At this moment Coraggio Italia cannot look to the federation. It must strengthen its legs to walk alone and build consensus on the basis of a binding program, with the voters rather than with possible allies ».

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But for Salvini the problems, at this moment, are called administrative. Because the candidate for mayor, in Milan, is not yet there. Much emphasis will be given this morning to the public presentation of the ticket for Rome, Enrico Michetti and Simonetta Matone. But then Salvini will have to fly to Milan. He confidently confides to his followers: “It closes over the weekend.” Today Salvini will meet the communicator of the Mediolanum group (and son-in-law of Ennio Doris) Oscar di Montigny. But still nothing is decided. And in the uncertainty, the prices of Maurizio Lupi rise: reliable, with a formidable experience on Milan and its city council and known by all. Stefano Bolognini, Lombard councilor very close to Salvini, recalls that “the candidate will be a civic figure”. In reality, Lupi has a fierce enemy: Gabriele Albertini. Who yesterday said he was willing to run with his civic list in support of any center-right candidate “except one”. Denies that Dalia Gaberscik, daughter of Ombretta Colli and Giorgio Gaber, is in the game: «I do a job that I love, at the moment I’m preparing an event with Gianni Morandi and Jovanotti».

The League is not exactly calm for elections in the cities. And so yesterday the team order passed. In Rome, as in all the other cities to vote, the League will nominate its most famous faces: elected in Parliament, the European Parliament and in the regional councils. A driving force for the lists, even if not all leaguers like the idea of ​​testing their consent in local elections: have you ever seen that then the response to the policies is taken into account.

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