A month full of shows to attract audiences to the theater even in summer. The fourth edition of the festival will take place from July 15th to August 17th, transforming Piazza Europa, the largest in the city, between the sea and the historic center, into an open-air theater where darkness gives way to light and silence music and prose.

Due to the variety of shows, the duration of the event and the strategic location between the Cinque Terre and Portovenere, Genoa, Parma and Pisa, to name a few, it is unique in Italy, capable of attracting a large and varied audience. from locals to tourists to the new generation; The success of the 2022 edition, with over seven thousand viewers, was confirmation.

“We have always focused on diversification, or rather, on far-reaching shows that lead to multidisciplinarity,” says Artistic Director Alessandro Maggi. Indeed, our goal is to unite the arts and give dignity to any type of theatre, whether classic or modern, popular or comic, exploratory or light, in order to satisfy all tastes.”

The leitmotif of the eleven evenings of the Summer Arena 2023 is “Prose and Music”. The festival will be opened on Saturday 15 July by Stefano Massini and Luca Barbarossa. Her show, narrated and sung, entitled Please the truth about loveis an exploration of what love is, beyond the clichés and endless narratives that films, books and songs have layered within us and that make us hostage to role models and screenplays.

On Sunday, July 23, it’s Drusilla Foer’s turn Very eleganta cult format in constant evolution, a concert full of live music and songs, between confidential stories and extraordinary memories, while Andrea Pennacchi takes the stage on Monday 31 July A little odyssey accompanied by a small orchestra that recreates the true flavor of the oral narrative in a polyphonic version, giving due weight to the rich female component. And “on the real return”.

The other protagonists of the event will be: Roberto Mercadini with a sometimes humorous monologue on the Hebrew Bible (July 18); Debora Villa with a recital of pure comedy (July 20); Massimo Cotto with decamerrock (22nd of July); Simone Cristicchi with a poetic and original journey into Dante’s paradise (August 1); Antonio Cornacchione with an amusing and perceptive story about the true history of the Olivetti Electronics Division (9 August); Valerio Aprea with Waiting for the apocalypse (11 Aug); Rocco Papaleo with divertissement (13 August); finally Stefano Fresi with Once a zither – homage to the zither quartet (Aug. 17).

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